Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My City Year

I have been  feeling great this week!  It has been my first time back in the classes for three weeks.  I feel motivated to make sure the work I do this half is stronger than it was last half.  I now know what works, and I acknowledge that I have a critical mind that can process what is happening and respond to it rather than reacting out of habit.  

As Outreach Coordinator for the service team I have met with Ms. King with whom we will be running the spoken word event on 1/20 (next week) and a BBQ in late Feb.  Our team's first event is on February 20th.  It is called I Have a Dream Day.  It is a tribute to MLKjr and Black History month.  I am in the process of drafting up a letter that I will send to some professors at Oxy and history departments at colleges in Los Angeles.  I want to bring a speaker from the educational community to address these at-risk students about black history month, its importance, MLKjr's life, the importance of service, and a college education.  

This will be a challenge and if I succeed will accomplish one of the goals that I had for my City Year.  Our math team will also be organizing another academic fair in late Feb or March.  I would like to branch out and ask other corps members to pick up certain aspects of these events to make them successful.  For example, I would like to ask Creon to come up with some games for the half-time(lunch) during the IHADD.  I would also like Sam to be in charge of the theater workshop or the geography.  By delegating tasks to other corps members, it lifts the burden off of my shoulders and allows other people to become more invested in the event.  It also allows them to be more knowledgeable of the process; therefore, one less person who needs to be told what to do.  

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