Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Soul Exploration

Soul exploration, oh how it I need.
To drive inside and explore the infinite innovation,
The endless power and originality that I contain.

Explore the means of unlocking
The continuous deluge of expression -
Both painful and joyful -
That my eyes see, and my words can share with you.

Because my experience differs from yours,
And yours from mine
Let us sit around a campfire and open our tender hearts
To our human connection
That can cause so much pain from its rejection.

Let my writing open my heart,
So I may drop the studded shield
That I have been holding for so long,
Accept what comes in response
Because with my guard raised
My heart can't feel the joy.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Moth on the Train

It flew in the wide, open doors
From Downtown, it will travel farther than it has ever been.

Fluttering in a windowed vacuum with sardined commuters
Knocking into mirrored windows,
Searching for escape in vain
Settling for rest on an orange backpack,
The moth will enter a new world today.

Where the foods are spicy, the scents diverse and where more birds sing proudly.
The cars are nonstop, the people are alive and the S.U.V. with rims is king.

Under Soto Street it will take flight
Released from its metalic coffin inside the compartment of LA's GoldLine.

And be born again in Boyle Heights,
Where the Eastern Sun rises.
To mate and spread its seed or die
As ordained by fate.

The Sign Post

Splintered and chipped, the sign post
Firmly penetrates the edge of the foot worn earth
Helpfully providing direction to many addled travelers.

At its feet a corner emerges diverting the one path.
Both draw the perimeter around an unknown wood, infinite.
Providing credibility to the post's compassionate advice.

Of each direction, the traveler may choose,
One worn to a dusty dirt
The other edged with short grass sprouts.

The wanderer seeks solace and listens to his heart.
If he follows not blindly, a third way appears.
Challenge it to stand its ground and walk through and beyond the shrewd signpost.
Walking his legs on a path not yet formed through the unknown wood.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shadow's Sound

Shadow's Sound

Often I feel that . . .
There is someone there!

Behind me stands the strange man
With his shotgun against my head,
Whose trigger’s reigns bled,
I knew I was surely dead

Until that moment . . .
When I jerked around
Hearing nothing but
My shadow’s sound

A Land of Gypsy Sky

High above my brow
Clouds as feathered pillows
Lying upon the sky
Innocent in my eye

But as the sun sets
And the children off to bed
Alone I gaze upwards
Awaiting what lies ahead . . .

As the colors of the sky combine
The winds of the world unite
The gypsy sky awakens
And together we delight

Dancing together on her
Alien plains
We feel free
Her naked white skin engulfed
By those dark rainbow stains

The time is near
For the moon to shine
On me mine
Nothing ever so clear

As we dance
I feel free
Tied down to nothing
Except her gypsy eyes

She grows tired and weary
Too much fun for some
She lays down to rest
Thinking of me

I see the glisten in her eye
And hear her gypsy song
As she falls asleep,
The sun is gone

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Unplugged - Literary Magazine

I am excited to help create the 2010 literary magazine called Unplugged. I found out from Celina a team member in City Year that the magazine is in need of help. Since I am currently very passionate about pursuing writing as an occupation, participation in the magazine will be a great way for me to explore the literary world. I will find examples online of other magazines and read works from my peers.

I will help collect submissions, create the layout, edit submissions and also submit more of my own finished work. The magazine will be finished before the end of school this year. I have already submitted a free written piece that helped me express a miserable moment during my service. I also plan on submitting two poems and a short story. Perhaps I will even try to enter a drawing/sketch.

For the lit mag I will need to do some research on layout. Celina and I talked about researching other magazines to get ideas about layout. What colors to use, font, titles and other such details.

Today I woke up and tried the "morning pages" exercise. I free wrote for a few minutes in the dark and was able to create a page of work, afterwards I stretched my body and did some push ups and sit ups.

Monday, March 22, 2010

What is a writer?

Firstly I would like to start with the a definition - to write. Writing is to form (letters, words or symbols) on a surface with an instrument such as a pen. Writing is also to compose and set down especially in literary or musical form. Also to relate or communicate in writing.

Therefore, a writer is one who writes especially in occupation.

Occupation is one's regular source of livelihood or a means of support. One who occupies hours of their day making an imprint on paper is a writer. Changing the physical layout of that paper to relate or communicate thoughts to another person. These words hence defined are interesting because they are so common that when their meaning is explored new perspectives open to the observer.

Then what is a writer? Why are there writers? Who is a writer?

In definition, a writer is someone who occupies a large portion of their day creating consistent forms on a piece of paper/computer screen. These forms are a language be it English, Spanish or musical. So, is all writing the same? Clearly not. Then what purposes does it serve? What is the difference between someone who writes law document and someone who writes novels? Both are relaying their thoughts onto a blank canvas. The law writer uses language to clearly state his idea so other people can understand the document. The fiction writer uses language to create a new world that the reader can imagine and see.

Then what about a diary writer or a journalist? Her writing is charged with emotion and personal drama and is often meant to be secretive. Perhaps, this kind of writing also helps the writer skim the lingering fat from the top of the stew.

So why be a writer? To communicate ideas, clear one's head, make a lasting impact even if its only on a thin piece of paper, make a stand and state an opinion. Yes! these are great reasons. Still there are many questions that are fun to explore and will be pursued again later.