Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Land of Gypsy Sky

High above my brow
Clouds as feathered pillows
Lying upon the sky
Innocent in my eye

But as the sun sets
And the children off to bed
Alone I gaze upwards
Awaiting what lies ahead . . .

As the colors of the sky combine
The winds of the world unite
The gypsy sky awakens
And together we delight

Dancing together on her
Alien plains
We feel free
Her naked white skin engulfed
By those dark rainbow stains

The time is near
For the moon to shine
On me mine
Nothing ever so clear

As we dance
I feel free
Tied down to nothing
Except her gypsy eyes

She grows tired and weary
Too much fun for some
She lays down to rest
Thinking of me

I see the glisten in her eye
And hear her gypsy song
As she falls asleep,
The sun is gone

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