Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Unplugged - Literary Magazine

I am excited to help create the 2010 literary magazine called Unplugged. I found out from Celina a team member in City Year that the magazine is in need of help. Since I am currently very passionate about pursuing writing as an occupation, participation in the magazine will be a great way for me to explore the literary world. I will find examples online of other magazines and read works from my peers.

I will help collect submissions, create the layout, edit submissions and also submit more of my own finished work. The magazine will be finished before the end of school this year. I have already submitted a free written piece that helped me express a miserable moment during my service. I also plan on submitting two poems and a short story. Perhaps I will even try to enter a drawing/sketch.

For the lit mag I will need to do some research on layout. Celina and I talked about researching other magazines to get ideas about layout. What colors to use, font, titles and other such details.

Today I woke up and tried the "morning pages" exercise. I free wrote for a few minutes in the dark and was able to create a page of work, afterwards I stretched my body and did some push ups and sit ups.

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