Friday, April 2, 2010

Writing is meditation

My writing practice is a meditation. I allow my pen's movement and the thoughts to arise. I don't need to force anything. By continuously reminding myself to be gentle, I can let my thinking process happen. I am building a foundation of self-trust. I trust that I am creative and the thought process can take me where I need to be.

Writing is meditation because it happens in the present moment. If my mind wanders off to other places or patterns of self-doubt, these habits pull my attention from the present experience and inhibit my creative writing flow. If writing is meditation, it is a practice for staying present. Ms. Ueland writes about the importance of writing from my unique inner truth in her book If You Want to Write. This inner voice is untainted by filtered lenses and experiences life directly. The real voice inside has importants truths to express and will if it's watered daily with consistent practice.

My loudest personal goals for starting this path are, I recognize now, of the ego. I want recognition and to have my writing be elevated to the status of art. However, after practice of expressing my true self in just a short time, deeper motivations bared their heads. I feel the need to express feelings and share myself with others. I want to spend my time making wonderful people's imaginations exercise.

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