Saturday, November 20, 2010

Electric Thought is Expanding It's Mission

The practice of writing builds and strengthens millions of neuropathways in our brain. Because this is essential to furthering our understanding of the universe, the author's of Electric Thought are creating a community writing discipline, to support our perpetual journey into our chosen future. Our mission is to create a solid foundation for our writing practice within a supportive community.

The Electric Thought community writing discipline will begin November 21, 2010. On a rotating basis, one author, known as the Muse Maker, will select a thought provoking topic and post it onto the blog. Then every contributing author will be given the freedom to submit writing about the chosen topic in any form they wish. After three days, a new Muse Maker will be elected, and he shall select the next topic.

To begin, the topics will be chosen based on their position in the alphabet beginning with A and ending at Z. With each step in the direction of a goal, no matter how small, we become, none-the-less, one step closer to achieving our dreams. Let's begin.

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