Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fear of Uncertainty

Anxiety arises when fear combines with uncertainty. Often, from our modern perspective, anxiety is something to be dispelled, whereas it could have been an important survival tool thousands of years ago. Anxiety puts a person in a fight-or-flight mentality and when this stress is sustained, it causes problems for mind and body. Modern science has developed many drugs that remove the uncomfortable symptoms of anxiety like breathlessness and feelings of vertigo, but the drugs fundamentally ignore the patient's connection to the cause of anxiety.

Prescription drugs may relieve the symptoms but perhaps only a sober determination can work at this disorder's cause. These "cures" actually mask the problem and work as would a superficial skin-ointment on a broken leg. Drugs can remove anxiety's uncomfortable feelings but we are still apt to experience it day after day and therefore need drugs everyday.

Anxiety is a process and behavioral disorder that develops over years much like a bad habit. Like a bad habit, anxiety must be dealt with one step at a time. A cure-all drug will only disguise the behavioral problem.

Anxiety arises when fear combines with uncertainty. Is anything in life certain? When examined closely the short answer really is -- no. Everything is always changing and evolving and we may never truly be able to consider all the variables involved in a process to prophesize the outcome.

Therefore, anxiety is caused by our attitude towards the reality of a constantly changing world and universe. If a person tries to grip onto their current circumstances so nothing will change, that person will experience fear associated with the loss of their static life. Their tight-gripped attitude manifests itself in the body as tight muscles shallow breathing and unbalanced energy levels - symptoms of anxiety.

Acceptance that change is inevitable can shift a person's attention to what is really happening now. Instead of trying to force the future, a person can use the current raw materials in their life to sculpt the next evolution of themselves. By accepting that circumstances will change potentially even using this as an advantage, a person can experience life as it really is rather than hold onto the poisonous belief of the way life "should" be.

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  1. Very well said- I will use some of your phrases at work (if you don't mind)!