Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Luxury to Dream

Now - to change his destiny with a little here and there,
Promises of surprises by day, a dream,
Must awaken him from unobserved slumber where
That ideal dream will not form,
Unless that sad man will take one step in woken fear,
Toward safety's jagged edge where
Millions of moments of steps
Full of fright come before delight.

What reasons does one not dream?
For dreaming is free -
A flying man's mind has a child's pleasure
Plugged into this lightening power.
To jump from minute to hour,
Lessening his loads of desire,
The man's fantasy guides small steps
Into sync with his rhythms to think.

Unlocked, the caged animal may not bring peace
Or comfort or safety; the wildness alive
May risk, inside this man, abandonment, and
Retribution that can suddenly arise.
What use, has he, the tamed mind during dream time,
When the wilderness of walking the neuropaths
Demands no machete, no knife,
Because resistance will not clear the way for walking
Like acceptance will, unhindered.

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