Monday, December 6, 2010

Ecstacy-Undeniable electric smile glued to the walls of my racing heart. Tingling communication of heavenly pleasures across all my flesh give life to touch. Black and white world explodes with orgasm of color whose vibrancy massages the gloomiest of days into nirvana. Languages of beats never understood speak directly to my soul whose feet refuse to stop the never before movements of unspecific celebration. And what's more is the flow of eagerness to share joy of emotions once dormant now explosive


  1. I agree that the feeling of ecstasy yearns to connect. It is a force that builds bridges rather than destroys them like anger. Although the bodily sensations between ecstasy and anger are quite similar - elevated heart rate, heated body temp, agitation, restlessness, etc they both incorporate contradictory attitudes that make all the difference in the execution of the feeling with the world.