Saturday, December 11, 2010

I am afraid

Closet become warehouse
see out
far far
into the tomorrows
Shadow's twine beckon my wandering eye
Screaming down the forward tomorrow path
I come before what
may yet come
(tomorrow before tomorrow)
Glistening logic, extrapolation of
enterprising energies
leads to beacons of what I hope are not to be
I tremble, heart shudder at my lifedoom
unpleasant acrid
What is choice when it's death fast or rot?
I ran away
Warehouse become closet again

This is not capturing what I want it to capture... I like where it's going, but it needs work.


  1. warehouse became closet again? what's that about

  2. It's hard to explain. I dunno if everyone feels it, but when I close my eyes, I feel 'space' in my mind. I have no idea what catalyzed it, but something triggered such that the space changed from the feeling of being in a dark closet to being in a dark warehouse. Recently, that warehouse feeling is gone.