Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I, in my dreams
have seen only solid shapes recently
a square curtain of pale reality.
flickterdialogues and outsidepossible plans
to see you again
(it is so easy to throw these yearning to fantasy that we may never fear our end)

My wholethoughts seen immediate
blind my ears and deaf my eyes
for now the measurable, in its gross force,
overtakes the subtle stillness, I soul

Quiet! Quiet! I cast
the forward motion of my eye
tumbled by air current
of moving cars.

Tonight, my love
I remember my promise to you
I vowed to learn the swelling sea of
half thoughts
of a faith in my surge
of trust in my eyes, my ears and my heart
To stand at the top
to scream my choice because it is mine
without conception of wrong choices
or right choices
No need
Only you... music to me

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