Thursday, December 23, 2010


Figured I'd change it up a little. I don't have much experience writing narrative/dialogue, so let's rock. I also completely forget how to punctuate dialogue

"I always find it funny how much trouble you have choosing what you want to eat when you're so damn sure of yourself when it matters" Lauren mused, closing her menu.

"That's because it doesn't matter what I eat, it's insignificant," Ledram replied, "When it matters, the choice is easy." He smiled, acutely aware of the presence at his thigh.

"Yet you had no trouble choosing the win." She paused to sip from her glass, aware of the significance that implied.

"It was a natural fit for the night." He thought to himself, "It's a vintage '88, the year you were born. I like to feel as if I'm drinking up the moment you came into being." He drank, and felt the warmth run down his throat to his core. He said, "It was the right thing for the meal."

"You say that and yet you don't know what you're eating," she teased, knowing the truth of his statement. She knew what was coming. He had that look on his face, a look of total exhaustion from keeping oneself until the proper time. She was nearing that point too. She struggled to keep the knowing smile from welling up, from betraying her. If she did, it would ruin everything. "He must not have any confirmation that I am about to burst 'Yes!'" That "Yes!" would be the best she could do, to shape a 'Yes!' out of the primal force churning within. But she kept herself composed. They were going to do it right, to go through all the motions, a complex dance of mortification and blasphemy against the heaven contained within their union. For you see, only false gods cannot endure blasphemy.

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