Sunday, December 19, 2010

Indecisive, opposing and conflicting options. Love n death, life and hate. Hate for life to end with death, or love life for it ends with death? Love death for it frees the soul, hate death for it ends the dream? Live for what we love without death in mind and miss opportunties for the thought that we are immortal and will not run out of time? Or keep our untimely death in mind as we live for what we love? Will the thought of death depress and inhibit ultimate joy? Or can it's certainty be the key to it's understanding? If not live for love and the joys associated then why? hate is as easy as death, it's a certainty in all humans. But love is to think and at times to struggle to achieve. But is it worth it? What lays beyond this life is not certain, death, life, love and hate are. What we choose to fight a premature death is what we love. We are only inhibited by our minds imagination, love doesn't end at heartbreak or financial limitations but in the application of a mindset

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