Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's a little weird... Probably my three favorite people in the world were met under such weird circumstances that it seems almost providential.
The first situation:
I got an EMT job in late February that paid pretty well. Some of the people there were shitheads, including the guy who was training me. Long story short, I washed out of training and was forced to look elsewhere. Eventually, I interviewed at a company where the person interviewing me seemed really familiar. Turns out the head of HR was in my graduating class at Oxy (my having gone to Oxy was probably nigh providential in its own right), though we never knew each other. Easily getting the job because of this, I started to work at this shitshow of a company. Months passed and the person in charge of the schedule got progressively more batshit crazy. Eventually, she partnered me with this one guy (who's a fucker) who didn't show up the first shift we were scheduled for. The next week, I was like, "aw fuck, he showed up." I had seen him at station in weeks before and he had always seemed like someone who I would never get along with. Turns out I was wrong.
Second situation:
I kinda forced a friendship between myself and the bartender of one of the bars nearby. One night, while I was there, she pointed out one of her friends. A couple nights later, I was out at a different bar with my friend, Nick, and she happened to be sitting right next to us. I stammered through breaking the ice, she being exceptionally aloof. I think the thing that changed her mind about me is that she wasn't drinking because she admitted to having a problem with alcohol. My friend said "then you should just drink less" to which I responded "that's not the way it works, it's all or nothing," having read that we shared that extremist streak. A couple nights later, the bartender finally invited me out separately from being a customer. Her friend was there and we got to talking. Possibly my favorite line yet delivered to a girl was she said, somewhat jokingly "like right now, I'm silently judging you," to which I responded, "And I hear those judgments loud as thunder." It's weird how you can tell when you've said something that strikes a person. Then I sang Zombie (by the Cranberries) karaoke and totally messed it up, showing her that who cares? This is the least providential of the three, but it's still weird how we end up where we are and knowing who we know.
The third:
This requires some explaining. First, my friend's room mate (later my room mate), Ken, knew this chick at USC who was turning 21 (this is in march 2008). Said girl wanted to have a party, and Ken offered his very spacious house for this party. This house is in Eagle Rock 10-15 miles NE of USC. Given that it was USC, she had everyone bussed to the house. Given that I knew and was friends with everyone who lived at the house, I was invited. Anyway, I'm watching this girl throw nuts to this guy who is desperately trying to catch them in his mouth (and failing). Being amazing at catching stuff in my mouth as I am (and hating people failing/disappointing), I said "stand aside, young lad," and demonstrated how it's done (100% throw to catch ratio, thank you). After this whole thing, I start talking to this girl and somehow it comes up that I'm from boston. She tells me that she visits boston late summer/early fall and that, since she's turning 21, she'll be able to go to this 80's night at one of the bars. I'm like "yeah, the Common Ground. I've been to the 80's night. I'll take you when you're there." Now I'm completely serious. I would do it if she were to take me up on it. She tells me that she's down and that she'll find me on facebook. A couple days later, she friends me on facebook and is like "you're still down to take me there, right?" Long story short, she followed through and I did end up taking her out and it was awesome. (Actually, the 80's night was pretty disappointing) On another note, we went to a show one of the nights she was there and I found out later that there is a very very good chance that the ex-boyfriend of Ken's room mate's now-girlfriend was at that show. It's all weird.

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