Monday, December 20, 2010

Love or Money

Kevin and Sarah are in love with one another. Sarah's mother has suddenly become ill and she will be leaving Los Angeles to return to her mother's side in Minneapolis. For years Kevin has been building up his acting network and trying to find progressive jobs for his career path. Days before the news of her mother's sickness, Kevin received the opportunity to play a lead role in a Los Angeles feature film. Sarah has just told Kevin that she has firmly decided to leave the city of Los Angeles permanently to move back home to be with her mother and care for her family. They are both currently walking the sidewalk of their residential neighborhood block in northeast Los Angeles.
Sarah: So, what do you think?

Kevin: Sarah, I don't know. This job has been my dream for the past few years, but I could never have done it without you. You've been there for me each step of the way.

Sarah: I know. I feel horrible making you choose like this, it's something I never wanted to do. But, I need to be with her Kevin. She might die. I can't let that happen from here.

Kevin: I understand, I just don't know what I should do.

Sarah: Why don't you come fly with me and then you can come back after a few days.

Kevin: I need to be on set in a few days. You're not leaving until Friday. I'll need to be on set all day. Give me some time to think it through.
Two days later, Sarah is very tense and on edge. Her mother's health has declined and she is now in the hospital. Sarah will be flying to Minneapolis in a few hours. She is sitting at the kitchen table while Kevin is cooking their breakfast. She isn't hungry. Kevin scoops the food onto two mismatched plates and brings it over to Sarah at the table.
Sarah: Kevin, we need to talk about this now, we can't keep pushing it off.

Kevin: Come on, let's eat first. We'll talk better afterwards.

Sarah: No Kevin, I need to know what you're going to do.

Kevin: I still don't know.

Sarah: What do you mean? How can't you know? I'll make it easier for you. Either you come with me or we're through.

Kevin: You can't do that to me. You know I want to be there for you but this job is very important to. I'm going to be a lead in a feature. Who knows where this will lead. I can come to you after the filming is done. It will only be a few months.

Sarah: No Kevin. I don't want to wait for you like that if you can't commit to me now. I won't be able to trust you then, if I can't trust you now. I won't wait around while you go around and achieve all your dreams.

Kevin: What do you mean? Don't put it on me like that. It's not my fault I got this job at the same time your mom got sick.

Sarah: That doesn't matter because that is how it has happened. So you heard what I said. Now, what's it going to be?

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