Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Spanish Unbeliever Committed to Death During the Inquisition

To what God are you devoted that should demand my blood spilt for mere difference. How do my beliefs betray you and your order? Wherefore my mind, devoid of belief in your God, frighten you to the point of murder? Release me and you will show true devotion to your merciful God. Recall the mercy he repeatedly bestows upon you, his beloved.

Will you, spineless, cower to your worldly superiors and spill my innocent blood because of human fear? I have committed not one crime besides my thinking. And I, like you, cannot help but think. How does my contrary belief injury you or your God? Now I plead, free me and you will show your God true devotion to his Goodness, his mercy. Finish me and thou shall betray yourself to hell!


  1. Character's dialogue in an Inquisition period piece?

  2. Yes, a character begs for his life from a holy hangman.

  3. Are you familiar with the Auto de Fe? Public incineration of the impious as a scare tactic. They didn't really use hangmen, they mainly tortured and burned.