Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jenni's Jacob

“It's not my fault,” she said. Jenni stepped onto the blue couch and sat on the backrest with her feet on the cushions. Jacob remained in a low chair with his elbows on his knees holding his head in his hands.

His dirty laundry was piled up near the bathroom door. Used plates and a few empty beer bottles and to-go containers rested on the coffee table between them. Their apartment was chilly but not cold, and Jacob still wore the same pair of jeans and shirt from Friday.

Jacob wanted to go somewhere alone to sit and think through what Jenni had just told him, but he couldn't leave. While on business in New York, she got drunk and slept with a co-worker. Jacob felt aggressively sick. Jenni told Jacob about the incident because it was something, he “ought to know.”

“Did you hear me?” Jenni said snapping her fingers. Jacob nodded once but wasn't fully listening. Instead he focused on the stitching patterns on the couch because everything else seemed to be spinning.

“It was a mistake, Jake,” Jenni said and then turned around to reach her feet to the carpet and jump down. “It doesn't mean anything. We were both drunk and it wasn't even that good.” She looked at him but he didn't notice. “I didn't mean it. It just happened,” she walked towards the padded arm of the couch. “You know I'm out of it when I drink. Anyways it doesn't matter because I still want to be with you. I'm here now. Right?”

Jacob reached out to touch Jenni's arm but she abruptly pulled it away. Shocked Jacob could feel his head swelling and forced the muscles around his eyes and chin to remain still and dry. Again, he lowered his face away from his girlfriend.

Jenni put her left leg up onto the armrest and her hands on her hips and looked down at Jacob sitting in the chair. His knees were higher than his waist and his spine was curved. He held his head in his hands.

“Why don't you order us a pizza,” Jenni suggested. “It'll make us feel better.” Jacob noticed that his breathing had grown shallow. He ignored himself and took out his phone and found Pizza John's saved in his contacts. Maybe she was right.

“Hi, I would like to order a pizza for delivery . . . One large with cheese, mushrooms, olives, and jalapenos . . . Jacob . . . 2-1-4-33-52 . . . Thanks.”

After Jacob hung up, Jenni put both feet on the carpet and walked up behind Jacob. She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him back into her chest. She wrapped her arms around his forehead and squeezed her breasts into him. She was smiling.

“How much time do we have?” Jenni asked between a few kisses on Jacob's neck.

“Twenty-five minutes.”

She slid her slender hands down his biceps and let her blonde hair cover her face as it fell down his chest. She kissed his throat using her tongue.

Jacob ripped himself from her embrace and pivoted around to look at Jenni's green eyes.

"No more," Jacob said.

"But you just ordered a pizza. Wait for that to come Jake."

"I hate when you call me Jake." He put on his untied boots and leather jacket, closed the door and was gone.

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