Sunday, February 6, 2011

Neil and Eric were waiting for me near the bar as I walked off the dance floor. Some other people were coming to meet them. I saw them standing next to the only girl wearing a pink sweatshirt in the trendy club. Neil introduced me to Jane. Her blonde hair was pulled in two pig-tails. She didn't say anything to me because her soft-lipped smile and confident gaze said enough.

Drawn by instinct, Jane walked into the crowd of pulsing dancers. Her hips led her purposefully towards the center and her pinched shoulders gently swayed and gracefully maneuvered through the tightening mob. I looked at Eric and Neil and followed after her.

Her distinct baby pinkness stood out from the black wearing mass. I watched her reach the speakers and begin to move to the loud music. I came up to her and offered her my hands to dance. I held her slender fingers in mine. Her eyes captured me as she looked up through her eyelashes. In them, an impenetrable calmness looked out at the world and watched it's story unfold.

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