Friday, May 13, 2011

Eduardo Sanchile

The sound of sirens thumped through the air. I'm tipped off, Sanchile thought. The woman on the bed lay with her blonde hair spread across the pillow, asleep, ignorant to the sound of the chase. Sanchile snubbed his cigarette in the ashtray and put on his low ride jeans. His black linen shirt lay strewn across a straight backed chair discarded in a lustful moment.

The whirling grew stronger as the patrol cruisers approached the hotel's street. Blue and red flashes streaked across the soft landscape barren of other moving cars in the first hints of sunrise. Sanchile put on his Ray Ban sunglasses and the cool linen shirt and stepped his boot up to the window sill to look through the red curtains. The police cars shot past the corner of the hotel as their high frequency call instantly dulled to a warbling distortion. He was still free.

With relief, he climbed onto the bed and kissed the forehead of his lovely night-time companion. She stirred with pouted lips and pulled the cloth blanket above her bare breasts. He whispered sweet things into her naked ear and she showed a small smile. Sanchile looked on his woman with affection. He didn't know that she would change his life.

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