Monday, August 29, 2011

Fridge Poetry 3

my life & laugh
listen to the wild
warm - its kiss,
let's lie lingering
below marble clouds over trees
cat crap colored cool caramel
desired for delicious dodo drink
sex dances
surround me
two at a time
their moist magic melts
men and women
of hard long heart
to liquid velvet
did you heal at home
before the dog died
remembering his joy

no ghost nor angel
flowered night's window
as stars devoured the dark

the sky brings morning
it comes
breathe my son, slowly
animals almost always
blaze by blushing boys

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fridge Poetry 2

fool's joy
can be cupped
if I die
I go through
or I linger
red desire melts
the prisoner's hard heart
a champagne dance as
smokey sex
green glass & blue grass and, and
when will I be one?
my sister and I worry
must men moisten their lips
about me wild for her?
make home would you
without her!
the dark morning comes
not night-time poetry
eat more over need
candy and coffee,
fish and fat,
pies into poison
as porcelain breaks

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Feeling like nothing
Is moving forward
At a pace that suites my needs

Can I move as quick
As I want
When I'm held back like a steed

Between my teeth
A leather choke
Pulls my lips closed tight

But the snarl'n my face
S'easily replaced by a smile
For a challenge to come

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fridge Poetry

remember red embrace
born of perfume use
the prisoners peace
& a woman of
the window
if good do you
I is am was
and will always
a life
dances on the air
like a slow liquid
hard with dirt
celebrate brilliant poetry
by making warm magic
for me
after a dark boy
she goes
more alive
coffee cup dazzles
my surrounding home
melting morning blue into
red marble fire
see the velvet universe
vast old eternity
and young
look at it with your heart
heal it with your eye
my girl like ice
whose sad lips
wet her breath to die
and broken porcelain
can fool a naked man
to steel concrete ghost