Monday, February 27, 2012

American Splendor

The Sunday gentle children laughter and softly padded footsteps and meandering familial groups,
The din of conversation and the transactions of sales and money clinking and distant dancing.
Today the boyish laughter is absorbed in interest, he smiles, eyes delicate and open for experience.
As onlookers gaze at the spectacle of a cultural citizen growing up in New York
(Because here everyone is entertainment), he knows not but the present.
In ten years to come while reaching adulthood and the struggling decision
To perpetuate his parents' and grandparents' culture
Or meld into the American pursuit of high-paying jobs and beautiful red-dressed women,
Will he remember today's Chinese red vest or the golden-sheathed sword
With the eroding fondness of the dying past?
Or will the sound of brothers knocking their dueling plastic blades
Ring with metallic reverberation and will Dad's click of the camera explode into vividness?
Will he share his culture like the warrior he is today in costume and spirit,
Sword, no longer the instrument of death, but endowed with power
To eternalize the life of a culture that has traveled to make new life in a new land?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Power of Anyone

Anyone has chance like Marilyn Monroe, Stephen Hawking and Ben Sherwood,
So anyone is great, just not people-are-talking-about-it great.
I advocate for the anyone,
Like Walt Whitman and E.E. Cummings do
I learned this from poets and from Leonard Mlodinow and the life of Albert Einstein
These men are just men like Aristophanes is just a man
Where random events changed their lives,
Where randomness, chance, unpredictability, lottery took hold, piled small event upon
Small event and transformed them, their work, their life into power and legend
These men could have been anyone, and, by chance, must not be hated.
Anyone persisted at what they loved until chance replaced anonymity with fame
But Frederick Smith is a great man worth as much as Steve Jobs or Bill Gates so
How will he be remembered, and does that matter
What about your anyone, 
Because I want to remember,
I don't want us to forget,
Because, next, tomorrow, anyone could be great

Thursday, February 2, 2012

To the Lovely Light

To the Lovely Light that dawn erased
And has yet been born at night,
I kneel my armored body down and
Touch my brow toward ground.

As whispers do enfold me like
The chatter of autumn's leaves,
Hushed only by muted softness
Remember dance for the ceased,

Until the cry of new-birth blasts
Forth from 'neath the stilled land,
And reached adolescence's zenith
To seek Thine radiant glow.

Then, will I, my rusted armor creaking,
Raise my sleeping brow from earth
And thanked the ephemeral Light,
For the infinite instant whole.

just listening

just listening,
just listening to their stories,
I must be there
to listen to their stories,
be the one to ask why, to listen.

I am worth the $87 dinner,
worth the $1.50 coffee.
I am worth your caress, the welcome you gave,
the risk I took, warm soup
and cookies from the oven, a perfumed bed
and your companionship to share;
warm tongues, exploring new mouths,
sharing stories of where we came from,
experiences we had
because I listen to their stories,
stories are safe with me
so I am worth it)