Thursday, March 29, 2012

Desires never to die

Are historians happy? Do they write about Alexander the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte because they envy their fame and legendary greatness?

Writing, because they, one day, want to bless the pages of the books erected in future generations,
bless those pages with the stories of blood and death and sex and women and money - blood money, earned, every cent by the red-sweat drops from their ligament-taught sword-wielding warriors.

Sitting and sipping wine (only the sweetest), and eating croissants, awhile blowing a load of sperm into the mouth of now’s flavor of the week.

Always experiencing, tasting - a little of that, a little of this, much of now and as legend has it
never growing overweight or expending undue effort in their venture wrought with sexual intercourse, Zeusian intercourse, sampling and exploring their personal tastes in little boys, girls and the bloody marmalade that mother created on the table that “should be put into the refrigerator or you’ll be asking for it!”

When Napoleon’s man died, bleeding by the sword wound from the over-sexed Germanic man,
did the emperor become sexually aroused, did his penis move from flaccidity to erectness and did the nearest mouth suck him off until his off-white load exploded into that warm body’s mouth? Did he make them swallow?

Does the man of legend ever sleep and does his penis ever quit erection? Ever does he sleep alone and does the harem of ever available women take their carressive turns on his pronounced abdominal muscles and stroke the long shaft of his penis until the load (that generations would want to insert into their vaginas) is called forth.

Does that load make women weak with desire? Do they crumble to their knees and open wide to catch a drop of his liquid life?

Those thousands and millions of little lives that are wasted in the mouth of the whores and hookers who follow around the kings of the legend, the man that every man must one day become or die,
like the men on the battlefield, accepting muzzle blasts into their stomachs and swords in their hearts.
So the masters of their battle can receive glory and be elevated to the status of legend and immortality for their desires never to die.

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