Thursday, March 15, 2012

Verse 1
This life I have can
Be only mine
Though I might feel pain
Its not from you
You can't make me feel
Only I can take charge
My pain is mine
It's not from you

Those words you said
On Saturday nigh
When were were out
With friends celebrating
Those acid words
Can have no affect
For I have a shield
You cannot break

Love peace and pain
Come from within
So don't ask me to love you
Then when you feel
I've not done enough
Don't hurt yourself in return

Verse 2
When I learned
That you had left
And stayed with him
Until Sunday,
Completely shot was
My image of you
For I'd saw you
As my girl

That's when I
Came to realize
My hurt belonged to me
And wasn't from you
But came from how
I thought you should be
From inside
Not out
I realized that no one can hurt me. The real me. Only the image I believe to be me can feel hurt.
I am in complete control of my autonomy within me. If my body is controlled, so be it.
The responsibility for the quality of my life is mine and I can no longer blame anyone else for feelings I feel whether positive or negative.
Perceived offense does not hurt me because no one can touch me, the real me.

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