Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Every death today
Leases a toll on my soul
Not the death of fathers and
Mothers or their children
(For those deaths cannot be stopped)
Nor can the death of any moment
As the next flow overtakes and changes
Into a dead past where endless paths diverge,
Friends grow distant and homes lost, but a sadness
Warms my body as my bounding thoughts redraw
The free times of laughter and sitting,
Problems with them forgotten, and love
Blankets a once scarred connection,
My thoughts leap through time to
Grab at smiles from company lost
And as death's fee inflates
And I walk new streets
I smile at myself
And cheer inside
Loud enough
For every

To the wind

Touch me,
Be rough,
I can stand your push

Push me,
Pull me,
I love your empty whips

Erase me,
Spread me,
Soar my words along

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dear Son

You will travel far and wide, see beautiful lands,
And lay upon them your grace.

Your future, unknown, will unravel its exciting details
As each step taken leads further down your path.

You will swim in mountain lakes with red-clay banks
And travel to the glacial blue of God's heaven,

Your time in the musky forest and the sandy beaches
Will bring experience to you.

Bring that to the city, take in everything
And let it flow from your eyes,

And smile!
Let others see that greatness you have come to be.