Thursday, March 21, 2013


 The following passages were sent to me by Swami Sadasivananda of the Sivananda Yoga Center on W 24th Street in New York City. These men and women are training to become yoga teachers and shared their thoughts on enthusiasm.

I understand enthusiasm as an excitement. If we do something with enthusiasm we are very
energetic, curious, joyful, and we put our whole heart and mind in it. It is that “I will never give
up” and “I can’t wait to do it” attitude.

Aspiration is like a path that we choose. We decide to become somebody or something or to
change our life, and we hold desire to achieve it. Aspiration is when we have something bigger
in our hearts and we make huge effort to reach that goal. It means to aim at lion even if it will
take a lifetime to catch it. There is no aspiration without enthusiasm.


Enthusiasm is an aspiration that is energized and driven by faith.

If you don't believe that it can happen, and have faith that it can happen, you can't be
enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is the light of your life…and you are blessed to have it.


Enthusiasm is an inner flow. It is a current that carries dreams and possibilities without being blocked by
the prospects of difficulties and eventual failures.

In enthusiasm, there is audacity and ardor, a stream of creation and inventiveness. It is like a vivid
emotion of the soul, a manifestation of happiness and energy that gives you confidence and the power
of creativity to accomplish ambitious projects. Enthusiasm is linked to joy; it creates a state of mind, a
perspective of life turned towards a positive and useful attitude. It is a springboard to both imagination
and creation. It enhances the senses and the emotions. Enthusiasm is the link between divine and
inspiration. It reveals an inside quality of the intimate self. Being enthusiastic is like a surging wave
pushing forward and upward. It touches our heart. Our mind becomes a compass directed at succeeding
in our endeavors. It is the spark of the present for the realization of future goals. It leads us towards
action. It is an attitude towards life.


Enthusiasm is:
the propeller that pushes us towards our goal,
the fire that brings the heat and light to our hearts and minds, sustains us and maintains us on our path.


A joy and excitement that we have about doing something that's important to us. It keeps us moving
forward despite obstacles and setbacks, and motivates us to keep pursuing our goals in the face of
disappointments. It's the essence of what makes us want to succeed in what we're doing.

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