Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gratitude List

Monday through Friday at 4:50pm for the month of April, I have been listing about 10 things that I am grateful for. Here are just 101 highlights from my April collection in no particular order:

  1. I am grateful for my ability to have fun and turn my focus to positivity.
  2. I am grateful for my access to two music rehearsal studios.
  3. I am grateful for gigging with Violet Machine.
  4. I am grateful for having access to a great yoga teacher and a motivating boxing instructor.
  5. I am grateful for the opportunity to play music.
  6. I am grateful for my commitment to enhancing my life.
  7. I am grateful I have gotten back in touch with Greg Sims and having his help in achieving my goals.
  8. I am grateful to have an enthusiastic friend in Rene.
  9. I am grateful that I can focus on my breath in every moment.
  10. I am grateful I have all the belongings I need in order to live safely.
  11. I am grateful that circumstances change.
  12. I am grateful that I am an excellent drummer.
  13. I am grateful that I value my mind and body.
  14. I am grateful that I'm passionate about health.
  15. I am grateful for always having food to eat.
  16. I am grateful for having money in the bank.
  17. I am grateful for my awesome parents.
  18. I am grateful that I have control of my thoughts.
  19. I am grateful for cooking.
  20. I am grateful for having dreams and goals.
  21. I am grateful for my creative mind and powerful thoughts.
  22. I am grateful for my passions and family.
  23. I am grateful for my music career.
  24. I am grateful that I can push myself hard during boxing class.
  25. I am grateful that my arms, shoulders and abs are muscularly defined.
  26. I am grateful for discovering a way to see the movie Oblivion for only $3.50.
  27. I am grateful for writing reviews online for payment.
  28. I am grateful for having money coming into my possession via PayPal.
  29. I am grateful for having a bed to go to sleep in at the end of my day.
  30. I am grateful for my supportive family and great friends.
  31. I am grateful that my yearly income keeps increasing every year.
  32. I am grateful for my feelings of prosperity and abundance.
  33. I am grateful for being able to breathe.
  34. I am grateful for Justin Timberlake's "Pusher Love Girl."
  35. I am grateful that I keep learning more about how the universe works and my role in creating my destiny.
  36. I am grateful for the teachings of The Secret.
  37. I am grateful for having an awesome brother.
  38. I am grateful for my upcoming adventure to Costa Rica.
  39. I am grateful for my resourcefulness.
  40. I am grateful for my endless bank account.
  41. I am grateful for my smart, intelligent, and interesting friends.
  42. I am grateful for my loving family.
  43. I am grateful to my commitment to my future.
  44. I am grateful that my path is one of abundances and joy.
  45. I am grateful for the numerous opportunities I have to play music.
  46. I am grateful for my open mind when taking on new experiences.
  47. I am grateful for my imagination.
  48. I am grateful for Electric Thought's infinite power.
  49. I am grateful for having the money to eat well and travel.
  50. I am grateful for my health!
  51.  I am grateful for my brother, mom and dad because they care about me.
  52. I am grateful for my friends who care what happens to me.
  53. I am grateful for for the opportunity to play music.
  54. I am grateful for my ability to solve problems and come up with solutions.
  55. I am grateful for the challenges that arise in my life because they give me an opportunity to practice mindfulness, gratitude and directing my life in my desired direction.
  56. I am grateful for my loving family.
  57. I am grateful for my health and ability to focus my mind and manifest my desires.
  58. I am grateful for the opportunity to play music all week long!
  59. I am grateful for my new iPhone 5.
  60. I am grateful for my supportive parents and aunts.
  61. I am grateful for that I have an awesome brother.
  62. I am grateful for my life.
  63. I am grateful for my sense of honor and responsibilty.
  64. I am grateful for my ability to generate new ideas.
  65. I am grateful for having every meal I need.
  66. I am grateful for having access to an unlimited supply of music to enjoy.
  67. I am grateful to be dating a beautiful and playful girl.
  68. I am grateful for my family.
  69. I am grateful for my strong health.
  70. I am grateful for my ability to plan my life.
  71. I am grateful for having hands to write this list.
  72. I am grateful for peace role models like Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley.
  73. I am grateful that I am a peaceful person.
  74. I am grateful for the challenging boxing class.
  75. I am grateful to love.
  76. I am grateful for my autonomy.
  77. I am grateful for opportunities to learn more.
  78. I am grateful for my healthy body.
  79. I am grateful for my sharp mind.
  80. I am grateful for for my wealth and success.
  81. I am grateful for my ability to relax.
  82. I am grateful for my ever present desire to maximize my potential.
  83. I am grateful that I am willing to grow.
  84. I am grateful for my awesome mom and dad.
  85. I am grateful for for generosity.
  86. I am grateful for meeting cool and interesting people like Rene, Nikita, Redford, Aaron and Plumerai.
  87. I am grateful for having an office space that allows me opportunity to write and better myself.
  88. I am grateful for the chance to support my loved ones.
  89. I am grateful for my generous friends.
  90. I am grateful for having freedom to spend my lunch time as I like.
  91. I am grateful for playing the drums in front of people.
  92. I am grateful for being invited to play at music festivals.
  93. I am grateful for being born in a land that respects my right to choose.
  94. I am grateful for having money.
  95. I am grateful for my drumming possessions.
  96. I am grateful for having a healthy home.
  97. I am grateful for being confident and loving.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Super Objective 2 Commitments

I will commit to a 10 minute commitment per day until Sunday May 5th that furthers my Super Objective to develop an efficient and delightful system to maintain a consistent state of equanimous mind, peak physical fitness, and high energy levels.

Today, Monday 4/29, I will meditate on the movement of my breath for 10 minutes to fulfill my commitment.
      -I listened to a 10 minute guided meditation.

Today, Tuesday 4/30, I will meditate on the movement of my breath for 10 minutes to fulfill my commitment.
      -I went to the NY Shambhala Center and meditated for about 1 hour.

Today, Wednesday 5/1, I will mediate on the movement of my breath for 10 minutes to fulfill my commitment.
      -I woke up early and mediated for about 15 minutes.

Today, Thursday 5/2, I will mediate on the movement of my breath for 10 minutes to fulfill my commitment.
      -I woke up early and listened to Bob Doyle's experiential mediation that lasted about 15 minutes.

Today, Friday 5/3, I will mediate on the movement of my breath for 10 minutes to fulfill my commitment.
      -I woke up early and sat in quiet meditation for about 10 minutes.

Today, Saturday 5/5, I will mediate on the movement of my breath for 10 minutes to fulfill my commitment.
      -I completed Bob Doyle's visualization meditation and a 30-minute guided meditation

Today, Sunday 5/7, I will mediate on the movement of my breath for 10 minutes to fulfill my commitment.
      -I completed Bob Doyle's experiential mediation for 15 minutes. I completed the 30-minute guided meditation again as well. I felt light radiating from me and an expansive energy growing in my chest.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Super Objectives

Develop a highly effective and delightful system to create a sustainable lifestyle that allows me to work for myself, create my own hours, travel, enjoy financial freedom, and balance interpersonal and intrapersonal time.

Develop a highly effective and delightful system to maintain a consistent state of equanimous mind, peak physical fitness, and high energy levels.

Develop a highly effective and delightful system to write a complete first draft of my book that I'm proud of by September 1st, 2013.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The one thing the British and French agree on...Brazilian waxes

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Music Building Networking Event

Tonight, I went to the music building on 38th and 8th avenue in Manhattan. I saw on Facebook that a networking party was being hosted in room 505 which is just one floor up from my rehearsal room in 404. I arrive at the party at 7pm. I hear rock music playing inside and walk in.

I'm greeted with smiles and see a three groups of people talking. I introduce myself to the first person who seems welcoming say, "This is my first time at the networking party. I'm Alexander and play drums in two rock bands. My rehearsal space is just one floor down! I love having space in this building. It's awesome. How are you involved in music."

My new friend smiles and describes how he is passionate for music. We exchange information. I hand him my new drummer business card.

His project sounds very interesting and I want to hear some of their music. They are playing gigs in the near future. Also, he likes what I have to say about Violet Machine and my group with Rene. I feel proud talking about my gigs at Lulu's, Spike Hill, Trash Bar and Bowery Electric this June as well as the upcoming Violet Machine EP that will be released this month.

I then meet some of my new acquaintance's friends. They are also involved with the music industry. One is a recording engineer and another is a guitarists and another is a lead singer. My new friends are kind, confident and passionate. I have a beer while at the party and feel great expanding my network.

I feel so happy and grateful I went to the event!

Monday, April 22, 2013

My Natal amber acrylic drum kit

Thank you Brian for choosing me for the Bonzo Birthday bash drum kit! It's perfect! My amber acrylic Natal drum set produces full, deep tones that are warm and punchy. I feel powerful behind my new kit and take care of it. The set of brand-new Paiste 2002 cymbals are a dream come true. Their brilliant, shimmering tone fills out the soundscape of songs and the cymbal sustain is long enough. The DW-9000 hardware is strong and sturdy. Nothing moves when I hit at drum or cymbal no matter how hard I hit it.

My Natal set is located in my rehearsal room along with the PA system, one Fender Deluxe guitar amp, one Marshal half-stack and an Ampeg bass amp. Behind my drumset, I sit. I hold my sticks and roll them along the edge of the largest Paiste crash cymbal generating a sound wave that washes over the room. I strike the snare drum and the pop cracks through the waves. The hi-hat beat is driving and the bass booms deeply and loudly. The 26" bass drum creates a massive sound like thunder in the night. The rack and floor toms have warm open sounds and are perfectly tuned so there is quick decay once struck. Their thump is magnetic. Power.


Excerpt from Bob Doyle's "Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power"

"You are this miracle of Creation for the express purpose of using this unique gift called imagination to bring forth your desires into reality. Anything that stops you from feeling that you deserve your desires is based on false information, which can be unlearned. Once you do unlearn it, watch out! You will turn into a manifestation machine!"
"Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power" on Amazon.com

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I dream of surfing, yoga, and music in Costa Rica

When Nick and I meet in San Jose, Costa Rica at the end of May this year, we will gather our belongings and quickly pass through customs and be ready for our Costa Rican adventure. From the international airport, we will locate the hostel we are spending the night in. I will speak to locals in Spanish and receive directions on where we should go for the night. The beds will already be booked and we will rest well that first night. In the morning, the hostel will be bustling with activity and we will meet many other travelers and hear interesting stories. We will meet a group of young men and quickly become friends. They will also be heading to the beach to surf for their vacation. After our delicious breakfast and coffee, Nick and I will get our backpacks on and head out into the city of San Jose for a brief walking tour on our way to the bus station. We will arrive early and get our seats on the bus heading directly to the beach. The bus leaves directly on time as scheduled and we see many different things as we quickly leave the reaches of the city and head into the Central American landscape. The greens are pure and the air is light. I feel fresh and rejuvenated, enlivened as I take a deep breath. The  bus arrives at the terminal near the beach mid-afternoon. The sun is still bright and there are only a few cirrus clouds in the celestial blue sky. With our lodging accommodations settled, Nick and I walk along the beach enjoying the sound of waves crashing and the laughter of ocean bathers. We are offered surf boards and basic lessons which we gratefully accept and are immediately in the water learning about the waves. The warm Caribbean water pulls all the toxins from my skin and cleans me down to my soul. Our surf instructor is generous and kind and through his guidance, Nick and I are both able to stand up on a wave. We continue surfing after our instructor has departed. Dinner is delicious and as the sun sets, exhausted, we settle in for a restful night. The sun awakens us with his warm rays the next morning and we start our day with yoga on the beach. We then go explore the nearby town to break our night's fast and nourish our bodies. There is a light rain while we are eating and leisurely drinking our coffee and we are moved inside the restaurant. We are reseated next to this young couple who we delightfully discover are from California. We become friendly and discover that they are going to a drum circle on the beach that night. We agree to meet them. With the sky once again clear, Nick and I get our surf boards and hit the waves. We're getting good at catching the waves and love it!

I dream of owning my own Manhattan apartment

My new apartment that I'm moving into this July is brightly lighted, has new kitchen appliances, a washer and drier in the building, and is close to subways and grocery stores. The energy is fresh and invigorating because the sun streams in through the large windows and cascades it's warm energy across the wooded floor. I enjoy cooking in my kitchen because there is counter space and the clean, new appliances are efficient and sturdy. The living area is welcoming and comfortable. I enjoy drinking my freshly brewed coffee there while writing my stories and dreaming about my future. My apartment is my home. I want to spend time there because it fills up my cup. I rest there. I recover and most importantly, I dream. The environment fosters my imagination. I have room for meditation and yoga. I do pushups and pullups. My bedroom is brightly lighted in the morning. When the sun rises, the generous rays of the sun shine through my curtains and onto my rested face. I smile as I wake up to it's gentle warmth. I'm excited to start my day because I'm prepared to manifest my dreams and rested to give the best effort I can! At night, after my day has been lived, I return to my bedroom for rest. The lamp sheds dim gentle light that encourages sleep and restfulness. I enjoy reading under my sheets until my eyelids become drowsy. The room is quiet. The city is quiet. As my eyes close for the day, I have my final thought of gratitude for my apartment before rising to dream and create adventure in my night.
I dream my future
I created my past
Where the winds blow
And the rains fall
I was present for all

Through trouble and success
My vision was clear
For love connects every moment
With every piece
And the dream
Is more real than life.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I dream of having an engaged, loyal following for my music

When I create new songs and share them with the world, I receive positive feedback. People click 'like' on Facebook. They retweet my posts on twitter. They comment on Electric Thought and share my posts with their networks. My music gets the attention from people across the world and they are eager for me to come to town and perform. I'm contacted about shows, offered gigs and asked to say a few words for radio, press and blog interviews. I love giving my all to my audience. Every performance is grander than the last and I give more of myself each time. When my shows are released to the public, my loyal following of individuals buy tickets, mark it on their calendar and come to the show. My music is popular with my audience. They talk about it and it gets stuck in their head. I love being offered festival gigs because I'm able to connect with so many of my followers. I appreciate their high energy and enthusiasm for my music. Seeing thousands of people in front of me, excites me beyond belief and I smile! I give everything I've got to play the songs with enthusiasm and energy to lift up my audience and for the remainder of my set help them refrain from suffering. I'm proud that my music has given people happiness and inspiration. I'm dedicated to them and love hearing from them whether on twitter, facebook or through good old fashion letters. I receive emails from fans and offer my responses in a timely manner. Thank you for your engaged, loyal following!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Violet Machine - So Close the Birds (Live @ Spike Hill in Brooklyn, NY)

I'm a rock drummer and I love to play live gigs. Here is a video of my band Violet Machine playing for our audience at Spike Hill in Brooklyn, NY. We were asked to play there again and will take the stage on May 31st!

Violet Machine is a Brooklyn-based, indie rock/post punk band. Forming in late 2012, Violet Machine burst out of the gate in 2013 with a slew of original songs and quickly picked up a number of shows in NYC, booking on word of mouth alone. The music draws comparison to the late-70's post punk movement, as well as the post punk revival of the early 2000s.

Words from Swami Sadasivananda

Somehow we need to not see
obstacles as obstacles, but as stepping stones;
difficulties as opportunities;
hardships as learning, molding of our character and burning off the impurities created by what once we held dear but was nevertheless an illusion;
we are to recognize the so-called bad people as the saint makers,
crises of any kind as springboards and a way of expanding and growing,
presence of evil as a way of promoting and glorifying the good,
We are to see present as future,
our life as an eternal life.
Swami Sadasivananda

In order to do this,
Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate and Realize.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

When I step onto the stage holding my drum sticks, the crowd's clapping and cheering loudly fills up the stadium. I feel excitement and gratitude radiating from the audience. I feel elated and excited myself. I appreciate that they came out for my show tonight. The people are too numerous too count. Lights sweep across their heads and I see constant movement from my position on the stage. I'm walking across the stage and there is a burst of shouts and applause as the volume increases. I wave to my audience smiling my big smile because I'm so grateful they are cheering for me and encouraging an excellent show. They continue to clap and cheer as I take my place behind my drums. I look out over the rack tom and between my cymbals and see the crowd standing in front near the stage and the crowd on the balcony, and in the mezzanine seats.
My mentor is a gentle and successful man. He understands his power and how to manifest his wishes. He doesn't struggle through life but instead enjoys himself and is often smiling. He is passionate and has many trades. He is successful with money and generous. I feel comfortable around him and trust that he wants to see the best for me. He is willing to answer my questions and think about my weaknesses offering solutions to strengthen myself and improve on my personal path. My mentor guides me through the obstacles without pulling me. He knows how to point the way and offer his opinion without stifling my own. He is creative and energized, enjoys life and is happy. His gentleness radiates from within him and he attracts amazing people and situations into his life. He has curly black hair and isn't afraid of a challenge. He takes risks and often succeeds. He has known failure but has come out of it stronger and braver than before.

Friday, April 12, 2013

No Ethics

No ethics for the man
The one who understands
Each thought is real
Wholesome actions create peace

Way on up high
Way on up high

Each vision in his mind
Clear like water from the source
Moves his world into line
Arctic light flows free

Friday, April 5, 2013

Ratione Cogitationis

Ratione Cogitationis. Think of your thinking, while you are thinking,in order to better your thinking...