Saturday, April 20, 2013

I dream of having an engaged, loyal following for my music

When I create new songs and share them with the world, I receive positive feedback. People click 'like' on Facebook. They retweet my posts on twitter. They comment on Electric Thought and share my posts with their networks. My music gets the attention from people across the world and they are eager for me to come to town and perform. I'm contacted about shows, offered gigs and asked to say a few words for radio, press and blog interviews. I love giving my all to my audience. Every performance is grander than the last and I give more of myself each time. When my shows are released to the public, my loyal following of individuals buy tickets, mark it on their calendar and come to the show. My music is popular with my audience. They talk about it and it gets stuck in their head. I love being offered festival gigs because I'm able to connect with so many of my followers. I appreciate their high energy and enthusiasm for my music. Seeing thousands of people in front of me, excites me beyond belief and I smile! I give everything I've got to play the songs with enthusiasm and energy to lift up my audience and for the remainder of my set help them refrain from suffering. I'm proud that my music has given people happiness and inspiration. I'm dedicated to them and love hearing from them whether on twitter, facebook or through good old fashion letters. I receive emails from fans and offer my responses in a timely manner. Thank you for your engaged, loyal following!

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