Sunday, April 21, 2013

I dream of owning my own Manhattan apartment

My new apartment that I'm moving into this July is brightly lighted, has new kitchen appliances, a washer and drier in the building, and is close to subways and grocery stores. The energy is fresh and invigorating because the sun streams in through the large windows and cascades it's warm energy across the wooded floor. I enjoy cooking in my kitchen because there is counter space and the clean, new appliances are efficient and sturdy. The living area is welcoming and comfortable. I enjoy drinking my freshly brewed coffee there while writing my stories and dreaming about my future. My apartment is my home. I want to spend time there because it fills up my cup. I rest there. I recover and most importantly, I dream. The environment fosters my imagination. I have room for meditation and yoga. I do pushups and pullups. My bedroom is brightly lighted in the morning. When the sun rises, the generous rays of the sun shine through my curtains and onto my rested face. I smile as I wake up to it's gentle warmth. I'm excited to start my day because I'm prepared to manifest my dreams and rested to give the best effort I can! At night, after my day has been lived, I return to my bedroom for rest. The lamp sheds dim gentle light that encourages sleep and restfulness. I enjoy reading under my sheets until my eyelids become drowsy. The room is quiet. The city is quiet. As my eyes close for the day, I have my final thought of gratitude for my apartment before rising to dream and create adventure in my night.

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  1. I was reading this post last night. The visualization still resonates with me. With the guidance of Leslie, I started diving into it deeper. I described to her where I'd like to be living. I want my apartment to be in the 20s in West Manhattan in the Chelsea neighborhood. I find that neighborhood so beautiful and calming. The tree lined streets are gorgeous and I want to wake up and go home there.
    Resistance arose to such a high level when I started thinking about the price. A one bedroom apartment there would rent out for more than I make per month currently. I had thoughts like "I'll have to wait for this," "this isn't for me yet," "I don't deserve it yet," "when I have more money then I can have my dream apartment." Leslie challenged me to ask why that would be true. I felt guilty, angry and sad thinking about the financial aspect of this because my beliefs about money are limited. The middle man of money is holding me back from realizing my dreams.