Sunday, April 21, 2013

I dream of surfing, yoga, and music in Costa Rica

When Nick and I meet in San Jose, Costa Rica at the end of May this year, we will gather our belongings and quickly pass through customs and be ready for our Costa Rican adventure. From the international airport, we will locate the hostel we are spending the night in. I will speak to locals in Spanish and receive directions on where we should go for the night. The beds will already be booked and we will rest well that first night. In the morning, the hostel will be bustling with activity and we will meet many other travelers and hear interesting stories. We will meet a group of young men and quickly become friends. They will also be heading to the beach to surf for their vacation. After our delicious breakfast and coffee, Nick and I will get our backpacks on and head out into the city of San Jose for a brief walking tour on our way to the bus station. We will arrive early and get our seats on the bus heading directly to the beach. The bus leaves directly on time as scheduled and we see many different things as we quickly leave the reaches of the city and head into the Central American landscape. The greens are pure and the air is light. I feel fresh and rejuvenated, enlivened as I take a deep breath. The  bus arrives at the terminal near the beach mid-afternoon. The sun is still bright and there are only a few cirrus clouds in the celestial blue sky. With our lodging accommodations settled, Nick and I walk along the beach enjoying the sound of waves crashing and the laughter of ocean bathers. We are offered surf boards and basic lessons which we gratefully accept and are immediately in the water learning about the waves. The warm Caribbean water pulls all the toxins from my skin and cleans me down to my soul. Our surf instructor is generous and kind and through his guidance, Nick and I are both able to stand up on a wave. We continue surfing after our instructor has departed. Dinner is delicious and as the sun sets, exhausted, we settle in for a restful night. The sun awakens us with his warm rays the next morning and we start our day with yoga on the beach. We then go explore the nearby town to break our night's fast and nourish our bodies. There is a light rain while we are eating and leisurely drinking our coffee and we are moved inside the restaurant. We are reseated next to this young couple who we delightfully discover are from California. We become friendly and discover that they are going to a drum circle on the beach that night. We agree to meet them. With the sky once again clear, Nick and I get our surf boards and hit the waves. We're getting good at catching the waves and love it!

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