Thursday, April 25, 2013

Music Building Networking Event

Tonight, I went to the music building on 38th and 8th avenue in Manhattan. I saw on Facebook that a networking party was being hosted in room 505 which is just one floor up from my rehearsal room in 404. I arrive at the party at 7pm. I hear rock music playing inside and walk in.

I'm greeted with smiles and see a three groups of people talking. I introduce myself to the first person who seems welcoming say, "This is my first time at the networking party. I'm Alexander and play drums in two rock bands. My rehearsal space is just one floor down! I love having space in this building. It's awesome. How are you involved in music."

My new friend smiles and describes how he is passionate for music. We exchange information. I hand him my new drummer business card.

His project sounds very interesting and I want to hear some of their music. They are playing gigs in the near future. Also, he likes what I have to say about Violet Machine and my group with Rene. I feel proud talking about my gigs at Lulu's, Spike Hill, Trash Bar and Bowery Electric this June as well as the upcoming Violet Machine EP that will be released this month.

I then meet some of my new acquaintance's friends. They are also involved with the music industry. One is a recording engineer and another is a guitarists and another is a lead singer. My new friends are kind, confident and passionate. I have a beer while at the party and feel great expanding my network.

I feel so happy and grateful I went to the event!

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