Thursday, April 18, 2013

My mentor is a gentle and successful man. He understands his power and how to manifest his wishes. He doesn't struggle through life but instead enjoys himself and is often smiling. He is passionate and has many trades. He is successful with money and generous. I feel comfortable around him and trust that he wants to see the best for me. He is willing to answer my questions and think about my weaknesses offering solutions to strengthen myself and improve on my personal path. My mentor guides me through the obstacles without pulling me. He knows how to point the way and offer his opinion without stifling my own. He is creative and energized, enjoys life and is happy. His gentleness radiates from within him and he attracts amazing people and situations into his life. He has curly black hair and isn't afraid of a challenge. He takes risks and often succeeds. He has known failure but has come out of it stronger and braver than before.

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