Monday, April 22, 2013

My Natal amber acrylic drum kit

Thank you Brian for choosing me for the Bonzo Birthday bash drum kit! It's perfect! My amber acrylic Natal drum set produces full, deep tones that are warm and punchy. I feel powerful behind my new kit and take care of it. The set of brand-new Paiste 2002 cymbals are a dream come true. Their brilliant, shimmering tone fills out the soundscape of songs and the cymbal sustain is long enough. The DW-9000 hardware is strong and sturdy. Nothing moves when I hit at drum or cymbal no matter how hard I hit it.

My Natal set is located in my rehearsal room along with the PA system, one Fender Deluxe guitar amp, one Marshal half-stack and an Ampeg bass amp. Behind my drumset, I sit. I hold my sticks and roll them along the edge of the largest Paiste crash cymbal generating a sound wave that washes over the room. I strike the snare drum and the pop cracks through the waves. The hi-hat beat is driving and the bass booms deeply and loudly. The 26" bass drum creates a massive sound like thunder in the night. The rack and floor toms have warm open sounds and are perfectly tuned so there is quick decay once struck. Their thump is magnetic. Power.


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