Thursday, April 18, 2013

When I step onto the stage holding my drum sticks, the crowd's clapping and cheering loudly fills up the stadium. I feel excitement and gratitude radiating from the audience. I feel elated and excited myself. I appreciate that they came out for my show tonight. The people are too numerous too count. Lights sweep across their heads and I see constant movement from my position on the stage. I'm walking across the stage and there is a burst of shouts and applause as the volume increases. I wave to my audience smiling my big smile because I'm so grateful they are cheering for me and encouraging an excellent show. They continue to clap and cheer as I take my place behind my drums. I look out over the rack tom and between my cymbals and see the crowd standing in front near the stage and the crowd on the balcony, and in the mezzanine seats.

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