Friday, May 31, 2013

Tonight at Spike Hill, Violet Machine - Starlight Demo

Tonight at Spike Hill on the Bedford L stop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, we are officially releasing our Starlight Demo.

Come see Violet Machine play at 9pm for FREE. We'll be raffling off a drink or two along with other fun stuff.

According to our lead singer Rob Mazzini, we're autographing body parts, so bring your body and a Sharpie ;)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Violet Machine Lauded by AudioFemme

"Violet Machine emerged onto the Brooklyn indie circuit early this year, and within a few months, breathed life into, and provided direction for a genre that had lost its way over the last decade. In essence, they are achieving what so many before them failed to. Their demo comes out next week, and promises everything we’ve been missing: the perfect balance of instrumental complexity and gripping, affected vocals that capture the attention of the listener and transport them into another world of city lights, heartbreak, longing…all those motifs that most artists seek inspiration from, but can never really in turn, transform into sources of inspiration unto themselves."
Annie White of AudioFemme


Monday, May 20, 2013

My trip to Costa Rica is around the corner!

Wednesday, I get picked up and head to Newark Airport where I'll fly to Costa Rica. When I get in, I'll meet Nick and we'll take a shuttle to Hostel Pangea. I'm excited!

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Whenever a situation arises that we believe shouldn't be happening the way it is unfolding, this is a judgement because we believe it should be happening a certain way. Judgements limit possibilities because they are derived from a microscopic universal view based on an individual's interpretation of the universe.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Yamaha DTX520K

When I received a flyer from Musicians Friend with a great sale on the Yamaha DTK520K Electronic Drum Set. I visualized it in my apartment. We waking up early to play, plugging my iPhone into the set's brain, practicing along to Violet Machine and The Rockaissance recordings and jamming along with The Raconteurs. Unfortunately, it's sold out at Musicians Friend.

My vision has been shaken. What kind of drum set will I want now?

Thank you for all the experience Universe!

Mother's/Father's Day Gift - A Brand New iPad

Last night my parents received their mothers and fathers day gift from Nick and myself. We got them a brand new iPad! It was engraved with "The World's Best Parents: Love, Alex and Nick"
I'm excited for my dad to try out the new technology. I think he'd love the spotify app as well as youtube and a few other basic ones that can open up his world to the internet. I'm grateful to have such awesome, supportive parents!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Violet Machine demo to be released 5/31 at Spike Hill

I'm stoked for the Violet Machine demo to be released at Spike Hill 5/31. The final versions were just handed to our band today from the mad labs of Carrie Ingber. You won't be able to hear the demos until they are released first exclusively on Audio Femme. They will be up for sale on iTunes and ReverbNation on 6/1.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Some times in my life that made me most truly alive and joyful

  • Playing drums on stage with Violet Machine at Lulu's in Port Jefferson, Long Island
  •  Putting an axe through an old door at my going away party at Dan Moriarty's house in August 2005
  •  Various yoga classes when I've connected my body and mind so closely through mindful breath work
  •  Relaxing with Nick at the thatched roof hotel room after a day on Safari in Kenya
  • Sitting on the meditation cushion during the final week of the Way of Shambhala at the center in Eagle Rock while I was visualizing the oxygen entering my lungs and being absorbed by my blood cells and pumped throughout my body

What does these experiences have in common?
  • Travel
  • Physical energy
  • Motion/Movement
  • Centered Awareness
  • Connected
  • At peace
  • With good friends/family
  • Healthy activities 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Thank you Trash Bar Brooklyn

I'm very grateful for my show last night with Violet Machine at Trash Bar in 256 Grand St. in Brooklyn. I was able to reconnect with my friend Mickey Madden and Johnny Andrew from The Dead Jetsetter. I am so grateful to meet other great bands like A Silent Protest. The two brothers Matthew and Andrew created an awesome sound with just guitar and drums. Their sound was a combination of U2 and The White Stripes. I highly recommend downloading their material or checking them out on Spotify. I was happy to see Mario Karlovcec before he took his flight back to Slovenia. Safe travels my friend. Thanks to my new friend Wolvie. Overall a very awesome night!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Violet Machine with the Dead Jetsetter live at Trash Bar 5/12

In Brooklyn at Trash Bar, Violet Machine is playing at 9pm. The hour-long open bar starts at 8 - be there to celebrate mother's day! I understand that some of you need to see your moms today. We don't take it personally but if that's the case visit and officially 'Like' us because we love your support! — with Rob Mazzini and 2 others.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Telling the truth about how I feel

Makes me feel good!

Electronic Drumset

I've been wanting an electronic drumset to practice on at home and transport around the city for rehearsals and small gigs.
I want to be able to upload songs and scratch tracks to the set so I can rehearse my band's songs at my apartment. I want to be able to transport the set to Rene's lounge on Central Park West and rehearse with him while wearing headphones. I want to spend less than $800.


Roland V-Drums TD-4-KP Portable Electronic Drum Set

seems to fit my needs!!

I want one!

I went to Guitar Center to try out the above kit and was referred to another model - the Yamaha DTX 520K instead. I definitely prefered the Yamaha kit.

The next day, I received an ad in the mail from Musician's Friend offering me the kit at 25.5% off the price I saw it! I just need to buy it between May 24-27

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thanks to Roo!

Since, the theme from today's Live from 505! is about how technology is changing music, I decided to dive into some TED talk videos. I was watching a TEDxBerkley talk today about designing our world around generosity. Why is it standard for us to assume that everyone is only out for their own self interest? Isn't that concept what the whole economy is built around? When we give, abundance actually manifests in our lives. Obviously, I was reminded of Ruhi and the Music Building community. I want to thank her for organizing another successful event. Let's collaborate together and create a better world.

Venice, CA (Travel: Whether Geographically or Internally)

Venice CA, the initials needed to not confuse wary listeners. In the gentle perambulations of polite conversation, the destination elicits upsetting responses. Sorry to have shocked you by not going 6000 miles but only 3000. It doesn't really matter in the long run because you will forget all of this presently. Nevertheless, it was an experience worth talking about. Why? It was mine! It was a busy and exciting place to be. Although, life followed it usual pace and human routine, it was in an area of unique perspective. With some many people around everyone's identity seem to blend into the background. The sun, sky, ocean and weather were special. Venice, with its canals, is extremely novel. To live along them will cost millions. That would be a modest abode. Originally, they were different but not so desirable as today. Small unpretentious homes, most remodeled with what I am sure are high end finishes and furnishings. The car, in a water community, not left too far behind, manages to insert itself through the streets and alleys to park itself sometimes in the front along the canal.

That area is almost an afterthought. The volume of life overshadows everything of any consequence. Nothing really matters here. It is such of confluence of experience. The sea in all its profound beauty seems an add on. A grace note. There is everything to see and do. Swimming, surfing, sunning, walking on the beach, the sea life, the sky and weather, people watching, eating, any number of wheeled contrivances along the most beautiful stretch of ocean in the world. The entire panoply of human drama. From the mundane to the tragic. Kids enjoying the good life, the families with their efforts, the older ones hanging on to the good life, the desperate facing the sad facts of life. It takes effort and concentration to bring it all together, even if it's weeks later. Then it's hardly enough. It's a swipe at the top of all the memories and experiences. There is so much more coagulating and brewing inside. So much more to digest and set forth. These are a start and capture some but hardly all. That is part of experience of travel. Whether geographically or internally.

The Rockaissance performance tonight

Tonight, my band, The Rockaissance will have our debut performance. We will energetically present four of our songs including Mermaid Love, Crazy For It, No Way To Love, and Older Woman. I am singing lead on Crazy For It and back up vocals on the other three. No Way To Love is very fun to play. The audience will really like our material. I see myself singing into my vocal mic and playing drums accurately and well. I hit the drums right in the center of the drum heads and remain in time. I'm smiling. I'm having a lot of fun. Rene is doing great on vocals. Nikitia is doing great guitar solos.
The open mic at The Music Building party was a blast! I'm excited for our next gig!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Commitment to Super Objective 2

The Second of My Super Objectives:
Develop a highly effective and delightful system to maintain a consistent state of equanimous mind, peak physical fitness, and high energy levels.

This week starting today May 6th until Sunday May 12th I commit to taking a daily action for 15 minutes that builds a highly effective and delightful systems that maintains a consistent state of equanimous mind, peak physical fitness, and high energy levels.

Today, Monday May 6th, I commit to spending 15 minutes reading Mindfulness on the Go and practicing one of the meditation exercises I read.

Today, Tuesday May 7th, I set my alarm earlier and committed to listening and practicing the Emotional Freedom Techniques in the iAttract work session. I also did a 10 minute guided meditation on the train ride to work.

Today, Wednesday May 8th, I committed again to waking up at 730 and doing the 30 minute meditation. During my lunch break I also focused on relaxing my mind and promoting my equanimous state of mind by practicing another hour of meditation.

Today, Thursday May 9th, I completed the 15 minute experiential meditation I've been working with which includes breath work and visualization.

Today, Friday May 10th, I committed to at least 10 minutes of activity towards Super Objective 2 by doing 30-minutes to guided meditation this morning.

Today, Saturday May 11th, I awoke and completed the 30 minute guided meditation.

Today, Sunday May 12th, I did the guided meditation again for 30 minutes.I also sat in meditation on my breath for 10 minutes.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Changing a Core Belief

I've been noticing that as I reflect on my dreams and goals the belief "I'm not good enough" keeps coming up. I will change this belief to "I am complete and whole and already have everything I need to be happy!"

Why do I want to change this belief?
I want to change the belief "I'm not good enough" because the belief prevents my dreams from manifesting. As I imagine the life I want: the audience at my huge Madison Square Garden concert or my beautiful, clean, spacious, quiet Chelsea apartment, my vision is interrupted by the limiting belief. No longer will this happen because now I see it for just a thought. This limited belief is not true and prevents my life from speeding forward, prevents me from obtaining the financial freedom I want, and the career success I dream for.

Why don't I want to change this belief?
The belief keeps me in my comfort zone. It keeps me from taking risks that could lead to failure. I don't have to risk looking like an idiot if I don't get what I want or look too good compared to others if I do get what I want. I'm afraid of success and the jealousy in others it might generate so I keep this belief alive to minimize my success in comparison to those around me.

How will changing my belief affect my life?
With the new belief that "I am good enough,"my thinking and goals will expand. I will allow myself to imagine more exciting situations, larger rewards, new adventures to distant lands, more free time, more money and the best friends as company. I will live in grander surroundings and be open to new experience that once would have been closed off.

What does my inner child, adolescent and young adult selves need in order for me to be OK with me changing this belief?

Me: Dear inner child, I don't want to limit myself anymore and think that I'm not good enough. Why do I believe this in the first place?
Child Me: I was always told I was shy so I wasn't able to be successful. I couldn't do the things that would make me stand out because it wasn't who I was. I was the quiet one who had to be the example for everyone else and that meant I couldn't make a mistake because if I got in trouble it'd be bad.
Me: You were a very responsible kid and very smart. The teachers loved having you in their class and wished the other kids would behave as well as you. That's why they said you were a role-model for others. I understand that you don't want to make a mistake and look bad in front of the other kids but I'm not a kid anymore. Now, when I think "I'm not good enough" the only person who gets hurt is me. I want to change that so I can truly experience the world. I want to feel better about myself and feel whole. What do you want from me in order for it to be okay for me to change my belief?
Child Me: I want you to remember the time in fourth grade in Miss Lovejoy's class when I was marked as the class role-model. Do you remember how you felt?
Me: Yes, I was embarrassed but also proud. I was embarrassed because I was singled out as an example.
Child Me: So how does that relate to the belief that "I'm not good enough."
Me: I was afraid of success so I created the belief to dumb down my accomplishments.
Child Me: If you want to change your belief, I need you to go after what you want without fear.
Me: I promise I will go after what I want without fear.

Me: Dear Adolescent Alex, I've been thinking about my life and moving forward. I've come to realize that the main thing holding me back from my dreams is the belief that "I'm not good enough." I want to talk to you about this belief and ask for your permission to change it.
Adolescent Alex: Ok, that sounds good. Why now? Why do you need my permission?
Me: I'm asking you now because when it was your time, I didn't give you as much respect as you needed. You were an excellent student, you succeeded at the games you played including card games and video games, you had friends. I know I was always comparing myself to someone else who seemed to have something better and who was cooler. I want to change this belief and let go of the stuff that held me back when I was you in middle and high school. We had a lot of pain during those years and it mainly came from this belief that I wasn't enough. What would you need in order for me to change this belief?
Adolescent Alex: I need you to look inside yourself and find what is at your core. I need you to learn to love that because that is what makes you special. No one else has that and you can make the world better with what's already inside.

Me: Dear YA Alex, I'm in the process of digging in deep into my life and changing this core belief that has been holding me back since I was very young. I've already spoken to Child Me and Adolescent Alex and they needed me to first go after what I want without fear and second look deep inside myself and love what makes me special. I want to change the core belief that "I'm not enough" because in order for me to create the life I deserve and imagine, I need to first belief that I deserve it and am enough to get it. Can I have your permission to change my belief and move on in my life?
YA Alex: I'm excited that you are going through this and have gotten to me. Thanks for thinking of me and asking my permission. I completely support your mission to eradicate and replace this belief. I need you to do one thing though. Remember at the beginning of college when you were saturated day and night with this belief? You were struggling constantly with your emotions and your reason for being here. You resorted to writing and reflection just as you are now. At the same time your grandmother committed suicide. I need you to do two things. I need you to read her letter and I need you to remove all suicidal thoughts from your mind. When they arise, I need you to recognize them as the belief "I am not enough" in disguise and eradicate them immediately. They are poison and will bring you down. Do push ups or pull ups, go for a run, focus on your breath, call you brother or your mother, call up a friend. Do laundry. Do anything to change direction and get those depressed thoughts out of your mind. The self-pity only perpetuates this belief that you are dedicated at changing. I want you to read her letter to understand what form those thoughts take. You need to understand the consequences of these limiting beliefs.
Me: Reading that letter scares me but I will accomplish this. I will recognize this insidious belief "I am not enough" in all its forms and replace it with the truth. Thank you so much for giving me permission to change this belief.

How will my self-concept change when my belief is changed?
I will feel more confident. I will feel more generous, I will feel more in sync with the world because I will be doing what I want and having fun. I will enjoy my own company more and  I will have more gratitude for the things I already have instead of being focused on what's not yet arrived. I will be living in peace, joy and abundance. My vision for the future will be clearer and the doubts in my mind will become nonexistent. I will be able to distinguish between my intuition and mental chatter and follow those leads to fruition.

Old belief: "I am not enough."
New belief: "I am complete and whole and have everything I need to be happy."

TAG! Truth - Acceptance - Go

Practical Goal Setting Technique


When visualizing my new apartment and thinking about the price it will cost, thoughts arose including
  • I can't afford that.
  • I can't do that yet.
  • That's not for me.
  • Once I have enough money then I can get that.
I'm obsessing about not having enough money to get the apartment I really want and because of this I have fear that I will go broke if I get it and because of this I have fear that I will die and because of this I fear that I won't be loved by my family and because of this I fear I will be a failure and because of this I fear that I won't amount to anything and because of this I fear that I will will be non existent. 

If I think I don't have enough money to do or having something I want then I my life won't be of any meaning and will never have existed.

Whether I get the apartment I want or not, I still am a great person with much to give living my life as best I can.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Amazing 30 Minute Guided Meditation

This meditation works with breath, visualization, letting go, building compassion, and raising your personal vibration.

I have begun authoring my first book

This morning I visualized my book manifested in the physical realm. I saw the shape and cover, the title and where it would be in Barnes & Noble. I held my new book and heard people calling me for interviews and asking for my autograph at the book signings. I smelled the fresh paper print and the new library smell of the book store where my book is taken off the shelves to browse and purchase.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Three Steps to make the Law Of Attraction and Resistance work for my life

Clarify my vision
Be aware of what's showing up in my life
Take definitive action at every step regardless if it makes logical sense at the time

Bob Doyle's book Find Your Passion, Find Your Power describes how the Law of Attraction works but also how psychic resistance can nullify our vision. Once we begin to realize the resistance that arises in our minds, we can release it through techniques like the Sedona method or meditation and then clarify our vision of the reality we want to create so it can manifest in our lives.

Building Finger Dexterity

Usually when we move one of our fingers, the others like to follow (with the exception of our opposable thumb). This exercise will help build the independence of each finger so they can move separately.

Rest the palm of your hand on a flat surface. Lift the index finger about an inch off the surface then gently lower it back down. Repeat this 10 times and then do the same with your other fingers.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Synopsis: Das Rheingold - Courtesy of The Metropolitan Opera

In the depths of the Rhine, the three Rhinemaidens guard the Rhinegold, a treasure of immeasurable value. The Nibelung dwarf Alberich is dazzled by the sight of it. The girls explain that whoever wins the gold and forges it into a ring will gain power over the world, but must first renounce love. Frustrated by his unsuccessful attempts to catch one of the girls, Alberich curses love and steals the gold.

Wotan, lord of the gods, is reproached by his wife Fricka: he has promised to give Freia, goddess of youth, to the giants Fasolt and Fafner in return for their building a fortress for the gods. When the giants demand their reward, Loge, the god of fire, suggests an alternative payment: the ring Alberich has forged from the Rhinegold, and his other treasures. The giants agree, and Wotan and Loge leave for the Nibelungs’ underground home.

Here they meet Alberich’s brother Mime, who has forged the Tarnhelm, a magic helmet that transforms its wearer into any shape. Mime tells Wotan and Loge how Alberich has enslaved the Nibelungs to work for him. Alberich appears and mocks the gods. Loge asks for a demonstration of the Tarnhelm and Alberich turns himself into a dragon, then into a toad, which the gods capture. Dragged to the surface, the dwarf is forced to summon the Nibelungs to heap up the gold. Wotan wrests the ring from his finger. Shattered, Alberich curses the ring: ceaseless worry and death shall be the destiny of its bearer.

The giants return and agree to accept the gold. The gods have to give up even the Tarnhelm, but Wotan refuses to part with the ring. Erda, goddess of the earth, appears and warns him that possession of it will bring about the end of the gods. Wotan reluctantly gives the ring to the giants, and Alberich’s curse claims its first victim as Fafner kills his brother in a dispute over the treasure. As the voices of the Rhinemaidens are heard, lamenting the loss of their gold, the gods walk toward their new home, which Wotan names Valhalla.


Practicing the Sedona Method, Visualizatin and Dreaming Bigger

I was fortunate enough to have a seat on the train this morning and I was reading Bob Doyle's book Find Your Passion, Find Your Power. In the chapter on Visualization, Doyle recommends visualizing your goal and then multiplying it by ten in order to experiment with mental resistance. I imaged myself receiving a check worth $1,000. I multiplied my dream to me receiving a check worth $10,000 and the moment I started visualizing this my mind became static and shut down. I immediately implemented the Sedona method asking myself the five questions. What am I feeling? Could I accept this feeling? Could I let it go? Will I let it go? When? Then I started the visualization process again. I imagined myself receiving a check worth $10,000. The same resistance reared it's head so I repeated the Sedona method. As I repeated this whole process: visualize, recognize resistance, implemented Sedona method, I found that the visualization of my dream kept getting clearer and clearer until I was able to receive the $10,000 check!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Sedona Method

What am I feeling now?
Can I accept that feeling?
Can I let that feeling go?
Will I let that feeling go?

Things I Enjoy Doing AKA My Passions

Playing drums in a band
Playing live performances with my band
Boxing class
Cuddling and watching a comedy with my girl
Having sex
Going to the movies
Eating delicious food
Singing while drumming
Communication writing
Being at the beach
Being productive and effective
Connecting with people
Waking up early on Saturday, having French press coffee and writing
Making money
Writing while having a cup of coffee
I will visualize my ideal life rather than the means on how I think I should get there.