Friday, May 10, 2013

Electronic Drumset

I've been wanting an electronic drumset to practice on at home and transport around the city for rehearsals and small gigs.
I want to be able to upload songs and scratch tracks to the set so I can rehearse my band's songs at my apartment. I want to be able to transport the set to Rene's lounge on Central Park West and rehearse with him while wearing headphones. I want to spend less than $800.


Roland V-Drums TD-4-KP Portable Electronic Drum Set

seems to fit my needs!!

I want one!

I went to Guitar Center to try out the above kit and was referred to another model - the Yamaha DTX 520K instead. I definitely prefered the Yamaha kit.

The next day, I received an ad in the mail from Musician's Friend offering me the kit at 25.5% off the price I saw it! I just need to buy it between May 24-27

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