Thursday, May 2, 2013

Practicing the Sedona Method, Visualizatin and Dreaming Bigger

I was fortunate enough to have a seat on the train this morning and I was reading Bob Doyle's book Find Your Passion, Find Your Power. In the chapter on Visualization, Doyle recommends visualizing your goal and then multiplying it by ten in order to experiment with mental resistance. I imaged myself receiving a check worth $1,000. I multiplied my dream to me receiving a check worth $10,000 and the moment I started visualizing this my mind became static and shut down. I immediately implemented the Sedona method asking myself the five questions. What am I feeling? Could I accept this feeling? Could I let it go? Will I let it go? When? Then I started the visualization process again. I imagined myself receiving a check worth $10,000. The same resistance reared it's head so I repeated the Sedona method. As I repeated this whole process: visualize, recognize resistance, implemented Sedona method, I found that the visualization of my dream kept getting clearer and clearer until I was able to receive the $10,000 check!


  1. Suddenly knowing he had the power to end it all on his terms Lester regained some feeling of power over his own life. This was enough to spur him into action and he spent the next 3 months seeking the answers to life which lead to the discovery of the Sedona Method.

    1. That's cool. What has been your experience with Sedona Method?