Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Some times in my life that made me most truly alive and joyful

  • Playing drums on stage with Violet Machine at Lulu's in Port Jefferson, Long Island
  •  Putting an axe through an old door at my going away party at Dan Moriarty's house in August 2005
  •  Various yoga classes when I've connected my body and mind so closely through mindful breath work
  •  Relaxing with Nick at the thatched roof hotel room after a day on Safari in Kenya
  • Sitting on the meditation cushion during the final week of the Way of Shambhala at the center in Eagle Rock while I was visualizing the oxygen entering my lungs and being absorbed by my blood cells and pumped throughout my body

What does these experiences have in common?
  • Travel
  • Physical energy
  • Motion/Movement
  • Centered Awareness
  • Connected
  • At peace
  • With good friends/family
  • Healthy activities 

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