Thursday, May 9, 2013

Venice, CA (Travel: Whether Geographically or Internally)

Venice CA, the initials needed to not confuse wary listeners. In the gentle perambulations of polite conversation, the destination elicits upsetting responses. Sorry to have shocked you by not going 6000 miles but only 3000. It doesn't really matter in the long run because you will forget all of this presently. Nevertheless, it was an experience worth talking about. Why? It was mine! It was a busy and exciting place to be. Although, life followed it usual pace and human routine, it was in an area of unique perspective. With some many people around everyone's identity seem to blend into the background. The sun, sky, ocean and weather were special. Venice, with its canals, is extremely novel. To live along them will cost millions. That would be a modest abode. Originally, they were different but not so desirable as today. Small unpretentious homes, most remodeled with what I am sure are high end finishes and furnishings. The car, in a water community, not left too far behind, manages to insert itself through the streets and alleys to park itself sometimes in the front along the canal.

That area is almost an afterthought. The volume of life overshadows everything of any consequence. Nothing really matters here. It is such of confluence of experience. The sea in all its profound beauty seems an add on. A grace note. There is everything to see and do. Swimming, surfing, sunning, walking on the beach, the sea life, the sky and weather, people watching, eating, any number of wheeled contrivances along the most beautiful stretch of ocean in the world. The entire panoply of human drama. From the mundane to the tragic. Kids enjoying the good life, the families with their efforts, the older ones hanging on to the good life, the desperate facing the sad facts of life. It takes effort and concentration to bring it all together, even if it's weeks later. Then it's hardly enough. It's a swipe at the top of all the memories and experiences. There is so much more coagulating and brewing inside. So much more to digest and set forth. These are a start and capture some but hardly all. That is part of experience of travel. Whether geographically or internally.

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