Saturday, July 6, 2013

Music Lessons from College-Educated Music Professional

Your weekly or bi-weekly lessons build confidence in your playing abilities, challenge you to grow, and provide an organized goal structure to measure progress. Please respond to this ad to schedule a free consultation.

Why I teach?
I want others to experience the joy of musical expression.
Whether you find your outlet through recording or performance, my teaching methods, which focus on raising your overall musical ability from the ground up, will prepare you to exceed your musical dreams.

About Alexander Smith
I began playing classical piano 20 years ago and percussion more than 12 years ago. I received my B.A. in Music from a nationally-rated college in Los Angeles and have performed with many groups including jazz bands, a drumline, a blues band, a classic rock band, an indie-rock/post-punk band, a folk rock band, a metal band, an African percussion group and others. I have worked with students in a Los Angeles public school and am a patient, articulate, and understanding teacher.

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