Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Negotiating Salary Demo Script

I compiled this negotiation script from the Ramit and Justin video "How the pros Negotiate Salary" to help people earn more money.

I’d like to offer you…$$
Thank you very much.
I’m very excited about the role.
First and foremost, I want to be here. This is the job that I want.
With that said, the experience that I bring to the table, the value that I’ve demonstrated in my prior roles, warrants a higher salary.
In terms of my own research regarding this position and similar positions at this company and other companies, I’ve found that there is a salary range of about 40-55 thousand.
Given the success I’ve had at prior roles, which I believe I’m going to bring to this role as well, and my experience with asset management systems, my proven track record of efficiency, my communication skills, and my attention to details, I believe I deserve to be toward the higher end of that range.
My aspiration is to make $X00,000.
But the economy…
I totally understand that. But I encourage you to look at this like an investment. You can either pay someone $X0 or $X00,000 to take on the job who might not be as invested in their work and just get by or you could spend $X00,000 and work with someone who is going to bring in money for you, save money for your clients and retain one of your largest accounts.
Other benefits one could negotiate on
Stock Options
End-of-Year Bonuses
Review Cycle

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