Monday, July 22, 2013

What am I up to this week?

Tonight I'll be at The Music Building in midtown Manhattan playing drums and singing with Rene Alexios and Jeremy Arwas. Our band name has yet to be determined.

Tuesday, I receive my massage and chiropractic adjustment then head over to Sound City to work on new Violet Machine material. We have a few songs lined up to learn.

The day after that I'm going to take my girlfriend out to 1742 Wine Bar on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I bought a Groupon deal for us that includes a full bottle of wine. I'll spend the night with her, then head over to Citi Field to watch the Mets' game as part of In Demand's summer outing.

Friday, I'm going to the New York City-based Animation Block Party in Williamsburg to watch Greg Condon's short film.

Saturday, I'm going to learn Pro Tools during a class at Guitar Center Manhattan. Then in the afternoon, I have my goal setting session with Greg Sims.

What an awesome week and thank you all for making it even better!

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