Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Journey of Uncertainty - Short Story Draft

He sets off because he needs something to light his passion. Feeling dry and pulled from directions north, south, east and west. Head full of contradiction, people all around, he is quiet. Emptying the voices from his mind, he steps off on his great journey. He leaves his friends and family behind not knowing whether he'd see them again. Painful feelings well up inside his temples but are not released instead he puts them  into a bottle to be thrown into the ocean.

He walks down the road.

Along the way, the boy encounters a blind man. The man is walking along the long dirt path. His eyes expressionless; his presence electric. He tells the boy to see with his ears and listen with his eyes.

He enters the forest and hears a man singing. The boy approaches the man and discovers he is deaf. The deaf man told the boy to taste with your touch. The boy continues on and encounters a country man in the fertile fields. Touch changes the earth, the country man tells to the boy.

The boy listened to each man.

He kept journeying; still a fireless flame. The green horizon soon approached with a green and brown fence.W ith the sky setting, the melting sun oozed between tree branches glorifying space between. The boy sat under the fir and listened. Peace and self content consumed the boy. He found his mind clear like the sky and his thoughts sharp and powerful. He kicked off his boots and let his torso fall backwards against the tree trunk. He could view the virgin night through the forest canopy. Light clouds swam past stars. His imagination flew toward his adventure ahead. People and places, hard times, challenge.

He awoke with a light dew strewn about his clothes. He smiled, content for the Journey of Uncertainty.


The solution is already inside - mastering the moment 

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