Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Freedom Found in a Bottle

Freedom is found in a bottle
That's what we're led to believe
Hell no, that can't be so
They won't take my freedom from me

I'ma keep searching for my soul
It'll be my journey to see
In my mind, just feel fine
And I'll see Serenity. 

When you see me commin' on down the road
Stroll on over to me
Time ain't done, I'm still having fun
Let's live peacefully. 

The time I've been given on this world 
Holds a special place in my heart
It's all I got, so I'll make it count
Let's respect it all  you see

Here we go
Follow me down the road 
Where are you?
Remember to free your soul
We are here
Ready to reappear
I see you
Glad you're with me too

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