Thursday, September 19, 2013

How to Find Meaning Working in an Office

Sometimes I find myself feeling lost, angry and unsatisfied with my office work. Determined to live a happier, more appreciative and equanimous existence, I've created a list of ways I can find more meaning in the office environment and hope that this list might benefit you as well.
  • Create a meditation or mindfulness group that meets either a few times each week or once per week
  • Practice mindfulness during daily activities: typing meditation, walking meditation, data-entry meditation :)
  • Learn at least one thing about someone per day
  • Create an interesting blog post
  • While at the office, make it an intention to learn something new from someone
  • Take deep breaths every few minutes and be aware of how I'm breathing and feeling
  • Donate something
  • Spend a few moments searching for new opportunities
  • Connect with people on Linked In
  • Send an email to at least one acquaintance per week
  • Reconnect with Warren, Celina, JMas, Amber, Tariq, Shoshone, Tim R., Andrew, Stephen Fitch, my cousins, aunts & uncles, grandma, Corynne, Ben Sherwood, Xavier, Jed
  • Learn about my industry of work: What is the competition doing?
  • Research stocks and find a few to watch
  • Read about yoga, yoga studios in NY
  • Find yoga blogs, start my own yoga blog
  • Think about my dreams and write about them being fulfilled
  • Write short stories and write my book
  • Write poetry and lyrics
  • Get band gigs
  • Practice letting go
  • Have fun
  • Research vacations and trips to take
  • Learn about breathing, oxygen and how the muscles use and release oxygen
  • Listen to MIT lectures on anatomy and other topics
  • Listen to stand up comics
  • Listen to Kahn Lectures
  • Print my goal setting sheets
  • Connect with yoga studios and music schools
  • Learn about yoga apprenticeship programs
  • Brainstorm uses for my Shambhala Meditation experience and yoga teacher training certification
  • Connect with yogis, learn about nyc yoga 
  • What schools would I want to teach at? Make a list
  • Generate a list of all the schools that are in NYC
  • Research CPR training
This list is by no means complete and will evolve as my life circumstances evolve. I believe the ones that will give me most meaning are the meditation and mindfulness activities as well as connecting with people. Also recognizing when I'm learning something new and giving myself credit for learning will grant more meaning.

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