Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Virtue and Vice of Consistency

Consistency is the virtue of the hero. The man who makes the world right. The dad who shows up for his child every day. The teachers that come to class ready to impart knowledge to the next generation.

There are two main components to consistency. The first is that everyone is consistent in action most of the time. We'll examine this in the next paragraph. And the second is that consistency begins in the quality of our thoughts.

Whether we believe we are making a positive impact, hurting ourselves or participating in destructive behavior, when examined closely we most likely are doing these actions consistently. The woman who shows up consistently with the positive attitude might be making a better contribution to the world's future with her optimistic outlook on life but in the other hand, her colleague who always complains about the faults of others and the world around her, also does this just as consistently. Whether are actions are bright or dark, precise or imprecise, when examined we're executing them consistently unless change is instigated.

This brings us to the realm of our thoughts. Consistency begins with how we are thinking. If our mental attitude is shaded by complaint, hurt, and the feeling of always having one taken over on us, we're going to show up with a bad attitude. Alternately, those who enjoy a happy outlook and see the best in others are going to show up with a future building attitude. Our attitude is something we have total control over. Though often extremely challenging to alter, consistent observation of our thinking patterns and with small steps to a better mind, we will begin to see our actions changing.

So how can one be consistent with the greatest contribution to the world? By examining our thoughts and shifting our attitude to one of gratitude and curiosity for the world, we can consistently show up and make a positive impact on the world. It begins with our thoughts and only we have control over them no matter how much we might prefer to let another take control and do it for us. We are the masters of our thoughts and with consistent attention, we build a strong future.

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