Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Best Outdoor Places for Quiet Reading in Hudson Square NYC

Having worked at an office in the Hudson Square neighborhood for almost two years now...and being an introvert...I have scouted out and found some great places to quietly read a book. Although this neighborhood is devoid of a large park where peace and quiet are readily available, there are numerous niches that can provide you with a quick getaway from work and the speed of the city.

James J. Walker Park - Now that the construction is done at this NYC Park, you are free to enjoy one of the many benches under trees while enjoying your reading.

Just a block down on Leroy St. from James J. Walker Park, you'll find the hidden gem of the Hudson Park Library. There is a back room where less than a half dozen people quietly read and work. Often there will be a fabric arm chair available for reading or evening napping.

Winston Churchill Square on the corner of Downing Street and Bleecker offers another shaded area that is home to the introverted. This small area offers a quick escape from the traffic and pedestrian wayfarers as you sit and read.

A new improvement to the neighborhood is the Urban City Park seating and lunch area near the Trump Soho. Although a gathering place for chatty lunch breakers, this area offers a sunny location adorned with both benches and tables.

The Hudson River Greenway offers several locations to layout in the grass and read your book. I've spent countless hours both north of Pier 40 and near the Canal St. and West Side Highway intersection.

Separated from the street by stone walls, the Garden of St. Luke's Church on Hudson St and Barrow St offers a fresh and relaxing oasis. Although people walk through the garden on a visit to see the flowers and other flora, claim one of the benches and relax into your novel.

Despite the hustle and bustles of this 9-5 business centric neighborhood, there are a few places where one seeking a peaceful getaway can find a place to read.

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