Friday, October 25, 2013

I know there is infinity in an instant

I know there is infinity in an instant
I keep reaching for it:
In sounds and breath.
It eludes me yet, but I am not deterred.
For its evidence is all around.

The falling leaf seesaws to the earthen path.
The wind-carried litter wafts up from the subterranean pit.
The unexpected ecstatic kiss from my lover.

Within so much magic lives the infinite.
How deep it must go.
Down from a second to a nano second to a nano-nano second to a something even smaller.
The depth within the minute is gigantic and unfathomable.

But it's there, I know it.
My mind might be too slow to see or too quick as it moves on,
But that second can last forever,
And does,
Every second.

The voice doesn't stop but vibrates on.
The leaf doesn't stop but just leaves my view.
The litter misses my leg but do I really think it was aiming just for me?
The kiss electrifies.
And something infinite lives deep within.

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