Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yama and Niyama

The Five Yamas

Ahimsa: non-violence
Satya: benevolent truth, absence of falsehood
Asteya: non-stealing
Brahmacharya: spiritual advancement by education and training, sexual restraint
Aparigraha: non-appropriation, absence of avarice

The Five Niyamas

Shaucha: cleanliness of thought, mind and body; purity.
Santosha: happy satisfaction; good contentment.
Tapas: spiritual effort; austerity, consistent practice
Svādhyāya: self-study, study to know more about God and the soul, which                             leads to introspection on a greater awakening to the soul and God within.
Ishvarapranidhana: surrender to God, the Universe and the Highest Self

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