Friday, December 20, 2013

The First Step to A Better Self Image

 "Oh, that's too good for me. I can't do that. Maybe in a few years I could earn enough money to do that."

Sometimes our mind gets clouded in these kinds of dulling thoughts. I say dulling because when these thoughts cross our minds, whether we're aware of them or not, our being gets dragged down. We don't feel as uplifted, as happy. We don't feel like things are possible.

Our internal image of ourselves always matches our exterior. If we are working a job that doesn't recognize our work or doesn't compensate us how we'd like, this is a reflection on our own self image. Our image reflects the environment we live in. If we have a positive self image, our exterior life will reflect that and vice versa for a negative self image.

How to Improve Your Self Image

The first step to a better self image is to fantasize. Imagine the life you want. Imagine. Imagine. Imagine. Encourage others to imagine. Write a list of the things you want. Write a story about it. Write out what you want explicitly on paper and don't critique it. Just imagine the impossible. Imagine. Imagine. Imagine.

As you begin to exercise the imagination, you're self image will improve because your mind is beginning to see more possibilities and connections. You're outer world will begin o match your inner world.

What are some things you imagine?

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