Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Success Story Busking in Mount Dora, FL

Saturday was the day. With my guitar strapped to my back, I hopped on my bike and took the back roads to downtown Mount Dora outside of Orlando where I had set out to play my guitar on the grassy lawn for anyone who'd listen at the Mount Dora Craft Fair.

My goal was simple and my goal was two fold. The first part was for me to actually go out and be bold enough to play music in front of people. The second part of my goal was to make at least $1.

Because I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Music, I have acquired enough knowledge to teach myself to play the guitar. I've been casually learning the instrument on my own. Though I've played countless gigs with various rock bands behind my drum set and even singing some of my own songs, I had never yet played guitar in public for an audience besides a few friends here and there. This was to be my first experience playing guitar for the public.

When I arrived at the craft fair, I had underestimated the amount of people that'd be there. Though I heard 200,000 people go to Mount Dora every year to attend this festival, the swarms of people shuffling up and down Mount Dora's normally quiet streets was surprising. I set up shop on a grassy section of Alexander Street just one block from the city center.

With my instrument in hand and my black case open and loaded with my own dollar (to get things started), I tuned up the acoustic guitar. Then I warmed my fingers up with some chords and I felt nervous. But I had achieved my first part of the goal. I was in the city playing the guitar. Check!

I started running through the songs I had written and jammed on some chord changes. As people walked past, I'd feel anxious at first because I wanted to make sure to not make any mistakes in my chord changes and fingering positions. I wanted it to sound good for them.

As the minutes passed and I warmed up and started to relax, I let myself get into the music and groove into the chord changes. I started to smile and look up at the people who were walking past me on the sidewalk.

I made eye contact and share a smile with a man wearing a red polo shirt as hee was about 10 feet away. He reached into the pockets of his khaki shorts and took his wallet out. He tossed some money into my case and it was more than $1!

I was overjoyed and my confidence surged. I felt proud to have done what I set out to do. I kept playing and even got bold enough to start singing some of the songs I'd written. When I started singing, a young lady walked all the way across the street and give me $1 saying, "you sound very good." Then another couple came by to give me a dollar.

I kept playing and really enjoyed my first busking experience. I did much better than I expected and made some friends in the process. I'll be doing it again very soon.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Recognizing a New Passion

So what are you passions? In the past this question used to stump me. I was nervous to identify my passions because along with it, I set an expectation on myself. This question of passion comes up a lot when you start analyzing your life purpose, what career path you want to take and when you just want to improve the overall quality of your life. I felt that if I knew what made me happy that is what I was passionate about, I was doing something wrong by not living a life full passion.

I've realized it's much simpler than that. For me a passion is just something I enjoy doing. It doesn't have to be something I'd kill for! It can just make me happy or feel good. It can be something that interests me or something that I find myself thinking or reading about over and over again.

Recently, I discovered a new passion. Healing Crystals! This one caught me out of the blue last week. It started I was watching the Spirit Science video about Crystals. I already owned a few crystals and had learn the basics of how crystals affect our seven chakras while I was studying to be a yoga teacher in Bushwick last year. I also had receive a crystal healing reiki session in Manhattan last spring. So I wasn't a complete beginner but the video opened my eyes to the possibility behind the use of crystals.

Since watching that video, I've been passionate about increasing my collection of crystals. I want to experiment with them and see how they influence the way I feel and how I interact with the world. I recently purchased a singing clear quartz crystal from a metaphysical shop The Crystal Closet in Mount Dora. My new beautiful crystal really enhances the vibration of any crystal it comes into contact with. When I place a rose quartz or green crystal on my heart chakra, then touch it with my singing quartz, feelings of love and compassion fill me up.

This brings me back to the purpose of this post. Passions can come from something small and grow into something big. The key to identifying a passion, at least for me, is to fearlessly recognize what I'm interested in and what makes me happy. When I do, I find that my life naturally begins to be filled with more passion simply because I've acknowledged its existence in my life.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Why do people fear following a career they're passionate about?

When I ask myself this question, the fist thing that pops into my head is that people don't think they can do something (or should I say make money from something) that brings them joy and happiness.

Unfortunately, although so many of us believe this, including myself sometimes, it is clearly a blatant lie. Somehow we grew up thinking that what we want to do is out of reach or not practical i.e. can't earn us a living.

If you want to be a professor for example, you might hear people talking about how it's so hard to become a tenure professor or that academic jobs are so competitive to get into. That there is little security in the job. The reasons go on and on. How do we know this is true? How do we know it would be true if we decide to follow that path? etc. etc.

But wait... aren't people already doing it?

The last question: Aren't people already doing it? Is the thirst-quencher. It's the knockout punch. No matter what you want to do, someone is already doing it and probably doing it very successfully. SO successfully that they have enough money that they wouldn't have to do it for the rest of their lives if they didn't want to but still they decided to do it. There are many successful professors who have earned tenure. Perhaps things are changing in the academic world but why wouldn't YOU be able to become a college professor? Why is anyone else better than you? Why would they be more capable of doing it than you?

They're not... The difference between you and them is that they did it despite all those other people telling them it couldn't happen. Or maybe they were lucky and found encouragement for their dreams. Either way, it doesn't matter. They did it and so can you and so can I.

Whenever we find ourselves doubting our dreams and our own abilities to achieve them, we must remember that other people already did it. The journey may not be easy and things are always changing so it might be different when you get there. We can't let that stop us. We must go after our passions and not give up because someone told us we couldn't do it. We must remember it's already been done and seek out opportunities to surround ourselves with people who are going to encourage us rather than encourage doubt.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Liked or Feared? What's the Ideal form of Leadership?

Should a leader be liked or feared? In my opinion, a long-term successful leader should be liked and respected. Someone feared, might eventually become hated and challenged  by mutiny or revolution.

An example that comes to mind for me is the leadership style of Alexander the Great who connected with his soldiers on a down-to-earth basis that fostered their respect. He would walk through their camp and talk with the soldiers and during battle, fight on the front lines with them.

Although he was able to keep his distance as a leader and not become too much of a peer, being open to them and spending time among their ranks produced an undying loyalty that helped him conquer much of the Mesopotamian world.

To me, being liked as a leader does not imply having an equal status as a direct peer or friend. It includes much respect and an overall benevolent attitude toward the leader. With this kind of attitude, followers will like their leader and accept their commands because they have built trust in their style of leadership. Fear remains in power only as long as it takes to be overcome.

Think of our own emotions. Often they take a leading role in our lives and influence our behaviors and actions. When fear is in charge, it stays there until we face our fear and do the thing we fear regardless of our feeling. We don't like that fear is in charge so we keep trying to overcome it and most often we eventually do and in the process we grow.

What do you believe? Should a leader be like or feared?

Friday, October 3, 2014

What am I excited about career-wise?

Besides making progress in building my real estate property finder company Foster's Property Finders LLC, I  am also very excited that I am going to have an eBook for sale to everyone soon.

I have two books I am currently working on. The first is about affirmations and the purpose of the book is to offer readers a chance to practice improving their thought life thus enhancing the overall quality of their life. The second eBook I will be publishing is a sci-fi fantasy novella.

I began writing poems as a young child then moved to creating comic books and stories. In high school, I wrote more poems and meditations and evolved into writing short stories in my twenties. Since then it's been a dream of mine to write a book and be a prolific fiction writer. So the progress I'm making on this work excites me.

A new page on this blog titled 'Books,' will be created on that will offer my books for sale once they're finished. In the meantime, I will offer a per-order special to anyone who'd like to receive the books at a discount once they're ready. More details to come. Subscribe to ElectricThought for more information and to stay updated.

Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Reclaim Your Art of Dreaming

I want to inspire people to use their imagination and remember how to dream big. Many people are told when they are growing up that what they dream is out of reach and that it's too hard or you have to be lucky to achieve it. The problem doesn't come from those words, the problem comes when people start to believe those words and take them in as their own.

Often we associate living a dream with a career or job. It makes sense why we do that because if we do work that gives us joy, joy will seep into the rest of our lives and improve our over-all quality of life since work takes up large portion of our daily life. Why is it so easy for children to blurt out their dreams when asked what they want to do when they grow up? Because their thinking hasn't been limited by what other people believe they can and cannot do. They just know what's fun and makes them happy.

Stop and take a look around at all the ways people live in the world. There are organic farmers, touring musicians, business builders, event coordinators, TV producers and countless other ways to earn a living. So if you had a childhood dream, someone in the world is most likely already doing it! There is no reason that couldn't be you or me.

When someone tells you that something is out of reach, don't automatically take their opinion as fact. Take a look at the evidence. The evidence is that countless people are doing the thing that would bring you joy. Maybe a few got lucky breaks or were born into it, but most probably just kept dreaming and walked towards their desire one day at a time.

If there was a revolution in the way we dreamed, if we could even just allow ourselves to dream again, the world would be filled with more fulfilled and happier people. Let's start a revolution to help people use their imaginations and once again find their dreams.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What difference do I want to make?

'I don't know' doesn't cut it anymore. Life is moving forward with relentless speed and it's time I put my feet down and sink them into the sturdy concrete. Making money to pay bills and live a nice life is a necessary part of societal living but it alone doesn't provide much meaning or make a big difference in the world. There has to be more purpose.

To me 'I don't know' shows a lack of self awareness. It shows that in those places where those words come up, I haven't yet dug into myself to discover my true feelings. So when 'I don't know' comes up when it comes to my feelings and thoughts, I'm going to take a deeper look.

The past few weeks I've been digging inside myself for answers. Asking myself lots of questions and doing lots of writing. I've been an avid writer throughout my whole life ever. When I first learned to read and write, I created a poem that I still have with me to this day. A poem about the infinity of human experience and the vastness of the universe. It still inspires me on my journey as I discover what I want to do to make a difference.

As I dive inside my 'I don't knows' I discover a vast infinite world reminiscent of my childhood poem. A world that aught to be shared with others. It's a place of imagination and creativity that I can draw upon. The deeper I go, the more endless I see it is especially just around the bend from 'that's all I've got left.'

Creating stories that inspire the imagination of other people so they can expand their own worlds is a difference I want to make in this world. My work can be one piece of the human puzzle to inspiring creativity, imagination, joy and wonder in the world.

Monday, September 29, 2014

5 Must-Do Yoga Balancing Poses

Yoga Balancing Asanas 

The reasons to practice yoga are numerous. Equanimity, strength, flexibility, balance, calm mind, stronger conviction, greater connection to the universe. Each person has their own particular reasons. Yoga has such amazing benefits because the asanas or yoga poses are designed to allow our body to naturally fit into its own alignment. Besides the physical benefits, we also experience relaxation and clearer minds. The poses as well as our focused breathing help this aspect. The third benefit is spiritual.

The balancing poses highlighted in this post will help you find more balance in your life both in your body and the world. You might find it easier to ride a snowboard or surf because your balance has improved or try tougher yoga balancing postures. You might also find the pieces in your life falling into place easier or you might bounce back from adversity quicker than you used to. Your life will have more balance.

Virabhadrasana III - Warrior III

Warrior 3

Warrior III builds strength in our cores, legs and glutes. It requires warrior-like focus on our drishti or point of focus to stay balanced. Practicing Warrior III will aid you in navigating the adversity of life as you trust yourself to the process.

Ardha Chandrasana - Half Moon

Connect your standing leg deeply into the earth as you lift up your back leg and shift your weight forward into the palm of your hand. This elegant pose keeps you smooth like the moon. It opens your hips and heart to the universe as well as promoting balance.

Vrksasana -Tree

Feel roots growing out of the bottom of your feet deep into the earth. Becoming a tree in vrksasana gives us perspective on life. We might feel strong and flimsy at the same time. Like any tree, you must be able to go with the wind. Flexibility is integral to balance as you don't want your tree to snap in the wind.

Bakasana - Crow Pose

 A strong core is the backbone of your crow pose. From downward facing dog, plant your hands firmly shoulder-width apart then start to walk your legs up towards your hands. Place your knees onto your triceps or hug your arms with your thighs. Look forward as you shift your weight into your hands. Engage your core. Breathe.

Parivritta Parsvokonasana - Prayer Twist

Twist out your internal organs as you strengthen your balancing skills. Prayer Twist requires both physical and internal balance. A strong core as well as powerful legs will be developed in this pose. As you practice, start to raise your gaze up towards the ceiling as your balance improves.

Building My Real Estate Property Finder Company

I'm excited about the real estate business I'm building. As my team grows and I learn more about the real estate market in New York City, I feel more confident and excited to grow and expand my business. I've learned it's about people. It's my job to connect to homeowners and offer them options and solutions if they want to sell their property. From the thousands of cold calls I've made, I've learned techniques and skills to connect with people. I've been complemented on my approach which has been a work in progress and still is because I know there are more and better ways to make a connection. 

As I build my business which currently includes myself and Isaac plus our newest recruit Yuji, I see a promising future where the company will have several layers. On the ground floor the property finders will actively make cold calls to prospective sellers, search property listings for deals, and send out mailings and other marketing materials to proper leads. There will be a social media component where not only will each person in the company monitor their own twitter accounts but analytics and advertising will be employed to identify potential clients. There will be a layer of managers who keep track of the property finders' progress and ensure follow ups and timely handling of issues. 

As my company grows, I keep learning. I keep seeing new ways to make an impact and offer solutions. I'm excited about the company's future.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Affirmations Keep Our Thoughts in Shape

Affirmations help us create the future we want. They help us realize what we already have and appreciate where we are. But not only does an affirmation help us get somewhere, it also changes who we are for the better. Affirmations keep our thoughts in shape.

Everything in the universe has a vibration including our thoughts and every thought we have affects our entire being with its vibration. Thoughts are electrical impulses that emit a vibrational frequency and this vibration acts like a signal to the universe drawing to it objects, experiences and people who resonate with that frequency. As human beings, we have control to change the frequency we emit much like we can choose to turn the radio dial to tune into a different radio station. We're not born with a simple dial that says which station we are tuned into. Instead we learn to cultivate this skill and change our resonant frequency with our thoughts.

If you watch your thoughts, you will begin to see that they are directly connected to your feelings. If you think about relaxing on a warm sunny beach, you'll feel more relaxed and probably lighter and more at peace. If you imagine your car getting a flat tire, you may notice feeling weighed down or heavier. Whether you are feeling good or bad, your thoughts are right in alignment with that.

When we understand and recognize this connection between our thoughts and our feelings, we can start to influence our lives for the better. Not only will we want to remove the thoughts that bring us down, we will want to increase the thoughts that bring us up. Herein lies the power of affirmations. By focusing on a desired thought, we begin to raise our vibration while simultaneously feeling more good feelings and less bad feelings.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

7 Healthy Habits to Feel Better

We often mark our lives by large events like marriage, births and moves. But as every healthy person knows, our lives are the result of the habits or rituals we take everyday. Once we begin to understand that our lives are not just about the big successes or failures but the small actions and steps that get us to our dreams, we can feel grateful for the healthy habits we cultivate in our daily lives.

By adding a few of these habits into your daily routine, you will start to feel better and live a healthier life one step at a time. Before you know it, you'll witness yourself on track to the healthy future you've dreamed.

1. Brush Your Teeth


A 2013 health study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that healthy gums are linked to a healthy heart. As people's gum health improved, the buildup of harmful plaque in people's neck arteries slowed. When plaque builds up in the arteries it narrows the blood flow creating a major risk factor for heart disease, stroke and death. Brush your teeth and heal your heart.

2. Choose to Walk


Although it may seem to be a small part of our life, walking is a great form of exercise that will make your feel healthier and live a better life. Your heart and lungs will thank you in the long run. Develop the habit of walking to run your chores or if you take public transit to work, get off a stop early and walk the rest of the way.

3. Eat an Apple


It's always a good idea to eat more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods. Apples have been shown to decrease the risk of both heart disease and cancer thus increasing the length of your life.

4. Just Sit and Breathe


Meditation is a ritual many successful people would not want to live without. Not only does meditation reduce stress levels, it also clears your mind and allows you to make decisions and take decisive action for a healthier future.

5. Get Your Sleep


Sleep is the body's way of recovering after a long day. Muscles get stronger and recoup during sleep as wells as the brain. You are more likely to have a sharp mind if you had a great night's sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, try to avoid taking drugs to fall asleep. Instead try some relaxation and breathing exercise in bed to settle your body & mind and drift off to sleep.

6. Exercise


Not only does exercise make your body look and feel better, exercise reduces your stress levels. A good 20-30 minutes of  exercise per day will make a large impact on your life. Try yoga, Pilates, or ZUMBA to stay motivated. Join a class. Other great ways to work out include weight lifting and cardio machines like the bikes and treadmills.

7. Give a Hug Everyday


The best way to feel the benefits of  a hug is to give one. Hugs can instantly boost oxytocin levels and make us feel better. Hugging also relaxes muscles and boosts self-esteem.
What are some of your healthy habits?

Friday, January 31, 2014

Four New Yoga Classes - Which is for You?

Below are four yoga classes I designed. Which one would you be most interested in trying and why?

Yoga for Abs and Core Strength - Tailored to give your stomach the slim look you dream of, this sequence of yoga poses will take you on the path to your sexier stomach today.

 - This class would be a Vinyasa based yoga class that includes poses that require participants to engage abdominal muscles and strengthen their core. It would also include traditional core exercises like leg lifts, crunches and lots of forearm plank pose.

Rock 'n Roll Yoga -  Flow through yoga poses as you rock out to favorite songs.

 - This class is a Vinyasa yoga class with a rock playlist that appeals to people in their early 30s.

Great Legs Yoga - Strengthen, lengthen and slim your legs with these yoga sequences designed to make your legs look great! Increase your balance and flexibility. This class is a perfect compliment for those who love to dance or do ZUMBA.

- I would teach this class with lots of standing poses designed to strengthen all the muscles in the legs as well as the butt. Balancing poses would also be utilized to strengthen the body's subtle musculature.

Centered, Present and Focused - This meditative yoga class focuses participants on their inward path. Breath exercises, deep breathing and long-held poses allow participants time to be with their body and feel its sensations as they find a state of deep relaxation.

 - Centered, Present and Focused utilizes yoga for the mind. I would encourage each participant to follow their breath, stay present and keep going deeper. By the end of the class, participants will feel more relaxed and have a focused mind.

Which one sounds the most fun to you and why?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Benefits of a Private Yoga Lesson

Private yoga sessions are in high demand in New York City. It's no surprise why! As a yoga teacher, I truly enjoy working with my clients privately one-on-one. It gives me the chance to talk to them and figure out where they are and where they want to go, then help them get there.

There are many reasons people seek out private yoga lessons. Some people prefer the one-on-one attention from the teacher. Some people prefer to practice yoga from their own home. Some people want to try new poses and don't want to have to make a mistake in front of a class full of people.

Whatever reason you are looking for a private yoga lesson in New York City, they are great opportunities for you as a student and individual.

When I'm working with my private clients, I offer many more hands-on adjustments to their asanas than I would be able to in a group setting. These adjust are beneficial in a number of ways. First, they offer safety. Second, these hands on adjustments help my private clients align their yoga pose in more powerful and beneficial ways that open them up. Third, hands-on adjustments allow students to deepen their poses and safely dive into the sensations in their bodies.

During group class sessions students rarely talk to the teacher. During my private sessions, I ask questions and make sure clients feel good throughout the practice. Although still challenging, private yoga sessions are tailored to each student's individual needs. Whether that student has a physical pain they would like to work on, a greater health issue they'd like to attend, or just wants to try head stand, they can do that knowing they have a dedicated teacher right there.

Whatever reason you are seeking a private lesson in New York City, you will find yourself supported by a caring teacher who is there solely to guide you on your journey.

Friday, January 3, 2014

5 Ways to De-Stress Before Work and have a better day than yesterday

Stress causes a lot of problems in our lives. When we are living a life full of stress, our immune system gets compromised. That means it is easier for us to contract a cold or something worse and feel sick. Stress can increase our blood pressure and increase our risk of having heart problems like a heart attack.

Work causes a large portion of America's stress. In a national study conducted by Harris Interactive titled “Attitudes in the American Workplace VII,” 80% of workers feel stress on the job. An alarming 35% of American workers say their jobs are harming their physical or emotional health and 42% say their jobs are interfering with their personal relationships. 

So what can we do? If work stresses you out, you're not alone. 4 out of 5 Americans feel stress at their job. That's a lot! And you can do a lot to help. These five suggestions are great things to try before you get to the office and absorbed in your work.

Deep breathing and Relaxation Activities
Taking deep, relaxing breaths is a proven method for reducing stress. Relaxation techniques activate the body's relaxation response which counteracts the effects of stress. Other relaxation activities include yoga and meditation.

Breathing Relaxation Exercise

Power Pose
Power posing is a way of using our body language to influence our feeling state. It has been proven that if we put our bodies, or faces, into certain positions, we begin to feel differently. For example, the very act of putting a smile on your face will make you feel happier.
Other examples are putting your body into powerful poses. When a runner wins his race, he naturally puts his arms up in the air. This is a biological response to winning something. Knowing this we can put our bodies into this position and begin to feel like winners. Scientists did studies on certain power poses and found that doing a power pose for as little as two minutes lowered levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

For those interested in yoga, try doing Warrior I pose. This posture is designed to open our chest and raise our arms above our heads in a very powerful stance. Hold the pose on each side for 2 minutes to gain the psychological effects documented by researchers.

Watch Amy Cuddy's TED Talk on body language.

Visualize a Win

Visualizing our goals and desired outcomes is the first step to making them a reality. When we have an outcome at work that goes against what we want to happen, we may feel stressed out. If we don't make the sale, if we make some mistakes, we may feel stressed. That happens because we value our job security and don't want to be out of a job.

You can counteract this by taking time to visualize the outcomes you want to experience. This is the process used by gold medal Olympic athletes. They visualize themselves winning their event and when they do their results drastically improve.

Ryan Lochte: Visualizing The Perfect Race


Another proven way to reduce your stress levels is to go for a workout. Not only will exercise make you look better and raise your overall self-esteem, working out lowers our cortisol level (stress hormone) and increase our endorphins (feel-good hormone). It's a one-two punch with maximum effect since we are lowering our stress while simultaneously making ourselves feel better. Make time for 20 minutes of exercise before work. You will thank yourself.


Sleep is like magic and magically, sleep reduces stress. But sometimes sleep gets sacrificed for the sake of doing more work. This is a huge mistake.

If we allow ourselves to get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep we need each night, we wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the work day. We're energized and our minds are more resilient for any unexpected problems that could arise at work.

If you have problems falling asleep, make sure you don't use any screened device for at least an hour before getting into bed. The blue light from those screens sends signals in our brain to remain awake. Keep out as much light from your bedroom as possible. Cover up any light causing devices like alarm clocks or adapter plugs. Even a little light can bother us while sleeping.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

My gratitude list for December 2013

This has been a year of many blessings. Thank you for everything that has come from it.

  1. Thank you for my creativity
  2. Thank you for offering me the world
  3. Thank you for helping me and giving me the power to visualize
  4. Thank you for giving me a supportive girlfriend
  5. Thank you for helping me find more inspiring work
  6. Thank you for giving me all the knowledge at my fingertips
  7. I feel grateful for all the love in my life
  8. I thank you for my inspired action
  9. Thank you for guiding me so clearly
  10. Thank you for surrounding me with strong loved ones
  11. Thank you for the paid time off
  12. Thank you for a chance to make the most of life
  13. I feel grateful that I'm taking action steps toward a new job
  14. I feel grateful to be living in New York City
  15. I feel grateful to have a supportive & loving family as well as a girlfriend who is there for me
  16. I feel grateful to be blessed with people who keep looking out for me
  17. I feel grateful that I am healthy and strong
  18. I feel grateful I did yoga this morning and lifted weights at lunch
  19. I feel grateful that Nick is getting promoted
  20. I feel grateful that Nick has a girlfriend who he likes
  21. I feel grateful Aunt Mary Ann reached out
  22. I feel grateful that I can take charge
  23. I feel grateful that I found so many exciting job opportunities in the health & wellness industry
  24. I feel grateful that I am instigating a change in my life
  25. I feel grateful for the deep breaths that make me feel great
  26. I feel grateful. Thank you!
  27. I am grateful that today I applied to several exciting opportunities that would utilize my skills and be in my area of interest
  28. I feel grateful that I had a wonderful Christmas vacation
  29. I feel grateful that I am taking charge of my life
  30. I feel grateful that I am building an exciting career
  31. Thank you for the extra vacation time these two weeks
  32. Thank you for releasing me early today
  33. Thank you for the brand-new shoes, coat and yoga mat
  34. Thank you for the delicious chai tea
  35. Thank you for my family and their continued good health
  36. Thank you for the quiet and relaxing energy at the office
  37. Thank you for blessing me in this life
  38. Thank you for blessing me
  39. Thank you for the abundance of flow
  40. I feel grateful that I am writing an eBook
  41. I feel grateful that my income keeps going up
  42. I feel grateful for speakers like Bob Proctor
  43. I feel grateful that I am a creator
  44. I feel grateful for my mom & dad's health
  45. I feel grateful that I tried a Magnolia Bakery cupcake
  46. I feel grateful that I revamped my website
  47. I feel grateful that I wrote my bio today
  48. I feel grateful that my business cards have been ordered
  49. I feel grateful that I am alive
  50. Thank you for the opportunity to solve a problem at work today
  51. Thank you for the opportunity to lead meditation
  52. Thank you for the weekend
  53. Thank you for my girlfriend
  54. Thank you for my creative life
  55. Thank you for the inspiration to update my online presence
  56. Thank you for the feelings inside that guide my life
  57. Thank you for a mother who is there for me no matter how low I get
  58. Thank you for my success
  59. I am grateful for the time I have off
  60. I am grateful for my ever increasing abundance
  61. I feel grateful that job opportunities keep falling into my lap
  62. I feel grateful that I got some soap from my mom today
  63. I feel grateful I won a chocolate snow man
  64. I feel grateful that I sent both of my reddit gifts
  65. I feel grateful that my bosses will be on vacation
  66. I feel grateful I received a delicious bottle of malbec
  67. I feel grateful for my breath
  68. Thank you for the life in me
  69. I feel grateful that I sent my Reddit gift anonymously today
  70. I feel grateful that I can build a life I enjoy
  71. I feel grateful for what I've done every day
  72. I feel grateful that I can create poems and other things
  73. I feel grateful for my healthy flexible body
  74. I feel grateful for being a student of yoga
  75. I feel grateful for having an open schedule for the next few days
  76. I feel grateful that I am moving forward
  77. I feel grateful. Thank you!
  78. I feel grateful that I earned my yoga teaching certification.
  79. I feel grateful that I am viewing an apartment tonight closer to the city
  80. I feel grateful that I am strong in body&mind
  81. I feel grateful that 2013 has been a wonderful year of changes
  82. I feel grateful for the sleep I get every night of the week
  83. I feel grateful for having fresh spring water to drink
  84. I feel grateful for having comforts in my life
  85. I feel grateful that tonight is a beautiful clear sky
  86. I feel grateful for all the changes that keep me on my toes
  87. I feel gratitude when I think about everything I've been blessed with in this life including a safe childhood with everything I needed, friends, family that really cares
  88. I feel deep gratitude inside myself because I know I am loved and have the capacity to create great things in my life
  89. I feel true gratitude for the people who go out of their way to think about me and care for me namely my mom, dad, brother, aunt and girlfriend
  90. I feel grateful for my relaxed mind and practice of meditation and yoga
  91. I feel grateful that my father is doing well after his stint in the hospital
  92. I feel grateful that I can begin teaching yoga on Monday
  93. I feel grateful that I am a yoga professional
  94. I feel grateful that I am a drummer
  95. I feel grateful for my family
  96. I feel grateful that my employee review has finally went through
  97. I feel grateful that I have created affirmations
  98. I feel grateful that I went to teh gym and weight lifted today
  99. I feel grateful that I earn so much money
  100. I feel grateful that I share yoga
  101. I feel grateful that I am writing this list now
  102. I feel grateful that I am lifting weights again
  103. I feel grateful that I stretched and practiced yoga last night & this morning
  104. I feel grateful for my delicious breakfast this morning
  105. I feel grateful to breathe
  106. I feel grateful that I watched & listened to Stuart Wilde's videos
  107. I feel grateful that I am doing great!
  108. I feel grateful that I am moving in the direction of the future in which I desire
  109. I am grateful I am on my path and am where I am
  110. I feel grateful for the opportunity to be me
  111. I feel grateful that my Dad is doing OK at the hospital
  112. I feel grateful that I have the presence to write this list
  113. I feel grateful that I am smiling and can relax
  114. I feel grateful that I have people who want to do private yoga sessions with me
  115. I am grateful that my girlfriend gave me a call when I was feeling low
  116. I feel grateful that I ate a brownie from truTV
  117. I feel grateful that I found two opportunities for jobs through yoga today
  118. I feel grateful that I am healthy
  119. I feel grateful that my girlfriend and I have a delicious Ethiopian dinner to look forward to.
  120. I feel grateful that I am learning how to sell my service as a yoga teacher
  121. I feel grateful that I can pay all my bills and still enjoy NYC
  122. I feel grateful that I made it through my workday with success
  123. I feel grateful that I am healthy and happy
  124. I feel grateful that my dad is doing OK with his blood clot
  125. I feel grateful that my last weekend was full of yoga and friendship
  126. I feel grateful that my blog has been seeing so much success
  127. I feel grateful that I earn more money than ever before
  128. I feel grateful that I speak up for myself
  129. I feel grateful that I am building a career
  130. I feel grateful that I wrote affirmations today
  131. I feel grateful that I can create an ebook
  132. I feel grateful that I am with a loving and beautiful woman
  133. I feel grateful for my brother
  134. I feel grateful that I presented my yoga songs
  135. I feel grateful that I am registered for CPR & first aid
  136. I feel grateful that I am employed
  137. I feel grateful that I can get private clients who want to work with me in yoga
  138. I feel grateful that my blog is pulling more views than ever before
  139. I feel grateful that I sent in my passport application today
  140. I feel grateful that my life unfolds everyday
  141. I feel grateful for the amazing support of my family
  142. I feel grateful that finances have never been lacking in my life
  143. I feel grateful that I am on my path
  144. I feel grateful I practice yoga
  145. I feel grateful that I was able to apply to jobs today
  146. I feel grateful that I understand what work is now
  147. I feel grateful that I am right
  148. I feel grateful that my life is a success story
  149. I feel grateful that I am intelligent
  150. I feel grateful that my mind is my most powerful tool
  151. I feel grateful that I am continuously mastering my mind
  152. I am grateful for the peaceful & reflective day I've enjoyed so far
  153. I am grateful that I could spend the Thanksgiving weekend with my family
  154. I am grateful that I had time to sit down and talk about gratitude with my mother
  155. I feel grateful that I met a yoga practitioner Aerial Arthur who does yoga therapy as her profession
  156. I feel grateful that I am healthy and strong
  157. I feel grateful that I listened to Deepak Chopra today at the job
  158. I feel grateful that I write a great stress relief article for Electric Thought
  159. I am grateful that Zee gave me the NYSC contact for yoga classes
  160. I feel grateful that I got several things accomplished today for my yoga career
  161. I feel grateful that I had a pleasant yoga class experience this morning
  162. I feel grateful that I called my dad yesterday
  163. I feel grateful that I am gaining experience in yoga every time I step onto my mat
  164. I feel grateful that I wrote an article today promoting corporate wellness
  165. I feel grateful that I heard from Odemaris today.
  166. I feel grateful that the holiday party is on Friday
  167. I feel grateful for my travel yoga sutra book